marlene mountain
one-line haiku sequence
october-november 5 1984


a week and

a week and a half late the drought continues
septemberfest wine goes down fast
day 44 my journal entry ends with damn
crosswords all day not to think
car breaks down towed don't get to the drugstore
selfdiagnosis swings back to positive
a man answers the phone at the abortion clinic
prices thanks not just yet
most expensive double check pregnancy test in the store
ahead of time trying to decide if i want sex
afterwards (withdrawal, oh me) we decipher instructions
night slowly turns into day 55
urine collected before a cup of coffee allowable
45 minute wait we talk of other things
timer rings long pause hold hands into the bathroom
beautiful smooth ringless color in the tube
are you sure comparing examples looking for flaws again
finally believing within the hugs
as if i'd planned it light rain on the grass seed
day 59 the second test alone a grin
in isis holler near her sacred grove she gives blood
you appear i say guess what we love day 6l

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