marlene mountain
one-line haiku sequence
november 7 1984


i never

i never fantasize but fantasize about the sponge
will it ever get from calif to tenn
i'll send a friend out there a bunch of money to send
why not try call a local drugstore
you're kidding got em in just this week you're kidding
stare lustfully at the package on the shelf
all my problems ended and still i can smoke
look love no more difficult diaphragms
instructions the paper keeps unfolding unfolding
lose our hardon
reading studying front back down up in out
reverse inverse converse perverse
this went over in calif where are those 60s thinkers
open here won't open
glad i'm not eighty where're the scissors
lost hardon again
fuck that male scientist inventor stop the grant
feel invalid before i am
no way to say excuse me while i slip into something comfortable
now ok fine set no problem relief whew
ok if a little chemical swallowed oh swell how romantic
sleep on it within it around it
sugar plums dancing in our heads
die you pricks
wait 6/8 hours was going to sleep anyway
reach reach REACH can't reach
just so happens you're still here what if
a neighbor emergency room
newness wears off you're still looking searching
plain old ouch


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