marlene mountain
one-line haiku sequence
july 1986


in the wake of kigo  or  seasonal haiku  or

scattered thunderstorms siddhattha a child deserter
indian summer 'no first place in a nuclear war'
low pressure front freedom of information in haiku
5.7 on the richter scale 'politics as usual'
lows in the 70s highs in the 90s a man talks at me
20% chance of rain letter from a suicidal friend
heat wave 'women's issues are the issues of the world'
muggy tired of being offended
no rain in sight my neighbor called 'the evil empire'
heavy frost warning haiku revolution
high front we mix what the bible says not to mix
balmy 5000000000 of us on the planet
wind gusting to l5 mph social responsibility
humid a woman shitty to another woman
blackberry winter 'witchcraft grossly misunderstood'
wind from the southsoutheast political prisoner
hazardous driving conditions seeing through another lie
dog days up against the wrongwingers
dense fog trapped into putting words together
intermittent showers intermittent peace


Wind Chimes #19 1987

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