marlene mountain
one-line haiku sequence
september 1986-february 1987



autumn stillness

autumn stillness i take less of the world's evils to heart
over 50000 nuclear weapons on the planet
'males are more fragile than females throughout life' *
i live in my room when i can

40% of nyc children are in absolute poverty
women still inhibited by small minds
first snow aware of all that won't get done
$111 thousand the average american home

'women have been suppressed longer than any other group' **
i find myself in her words
approximately 22000 toxic waste sites in the usa
1 in 3 american women likely to be raped

a day of pain i order a 'woman of power' button
400 nuclear plants
world wide 30 million unwanted pregnancies
i've yet to pour out my heart

'national center for missing and exploited children'
women waste their breath

* marilyn french ** robin morgan

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