marlene mountain
one-line haiku sequence
june 7 1988

dawn lap

dawn lap of river on legs of river on breasts
wom close to wom kiss on hair
brown bird from brown branch to blue sky
in wind wom with woven basket
root below flower above leaves point all around
sun fire warm grain cool violet wine
wom gives milk babywom receives milk hum of trees
clap of hands at thunder
eartha reaches rain as rain reaches eartha
a drop rolls to a nipple and dries
loving laughing grove spills over in day heat
grasses hang upsidedown
woms form circle of rocks beneath vines
singing into valley silence
brightbelly turtle slides through clouds
dew and flashing bugs
in gray light old wom speaks of her mother
hill call call hill


[hominid haiku for womocreativa series]

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