marlene mountain
one-line haiku sequence
june 12-14 1989


just out of

just out of the driveway already missing my nature
the plane noisily flies off
to better know the woman i know through womanpoems
crystal talk and how our minds are changing
doesn't occur to me to watch for the empire state building
minimal poet brings maximum scotch and tundra
gallery hopping where's the wild women art any art to blow me away
door opens into a world the poetic the sexy form expands
am i ever to be understood now dump japan from haiku from nature
my seriousness my silliness
a long day a long evening the raw food between fingers
night deepens words deepen and dissolve
old hotel up-to-date key that won't open past three in the morning
another alka-seltzer the hansom horses haven't moved
street hot dog bag gentlemen continually search for something
fancy gallery fancy people still on my weird feet
a look at myself ill six years ago in paintings from the mountain
judges i'm their 'find' out of nowhere they say
how little anyone knows what lurks in my woman-headed heart
almost wishing for a nyc loft and daily friends
how many other things i was gonna say ask discuss argue rave about
have to admit there's a little excitement in town
but i want to buy a round too ah i'll share nature if you'll visit
eight hours' jangle to come home to the rundown red house
the slow float from the unreal real world into the odor of love
hermit again


line 2, after Hosai, The crow silently flew off; trs. Hiroaki Sato

Modern Haiku 21:1 1990

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