marlene mountain
one-line haiku sequences
august 1989


three for late august


you listened

you listened too well would another man have stayed so long
you've not heard though inside the words
i can no longer believe in anyone's claim of thickheadedness
ten years is not overnight
we wait eclipse of the moon eclipsed by the clouds
i toast the old out
small sip for a new beginning but whose would it be and why
don't know you beyond your kindness
your ungrasp of the deep why of women's anger lessens the touch
is that so strange
all this time uncomfortable with my book the lovish poems
ironic if it were to end without another one


the love/

the love/sex the anger within tonight i am mountain
lots in between much unsaid
all so obvious yet unprepared for the rage directed toward me
hardly any women to think with
reverence of haiku rather than reverence of our feelings
or fear maybe of female approval
the closest i ever come are the womanpoems
so much lieku to get beyond


only a few

only a few more weeks to say it within the new ten years
it i call it women's stuff
a terrible craving to hear it from another woman
the trap of nothing special
trap hell the three hundred year old mind control
believe me woman you've been soothed away
issa got by with something the fly wringing its hands
what's churning around inside of you


Mirrors 3:1 1990

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