marlene mountain
one-line haiku sequence
september 1996


born in

'born in' nature
combed with an old fine-tooth comb aging hair
autumn unclear the message art
morning dew his haiku too good to be true evening dew
hampered by unsoiled clothes
another guy's list: minorities females veterans disabled
is this child christened molestable
winter-worded letters of universal discontent beat in my head
home-made cookies & pipe bombs
gotcha food-chain nature on hype tv prey vs predator grrr
whine of a windshield wiper
harpsichord notes slink back without sound into wire shadows
left out by the contest guidelines
legislate male bodies [too] the gazillion half-baby murders
political dirt apparently not nature dirt
certain and tender-hearted the table not yet turned
early spring the indoor plant wilts
his joke peters out she's in pc a 'commercial sex worker'
hardly a body in the body bag
yes i 'gather at the river the beautiful . . .' silt & shit
'preparation h(aiku)'
chasm stand-off afraid my sarcasm not understood
earth day and her earth night
again i lose patience with my several inseparable selves
confused the asparagus still going to seed
'dark & stormy night' a block written beyond written blanks
talent not 'god-given' optimistic
tv audience nods & claps dr ed young's anti-female sermon
the heel beginning to bald the heat
hip leg foot bones automatically thrust to model . . . whatever
called weed it sneaks into blue
wedding night breeze and pregnant he's at the porn shop
a battle with the kinky hose
even off the 'dozer i can't carry on a conservation with him
ill-at-ease ill at my knees
not a haiku drop-out i slip deeper into unwritten nature

14) pollution: 1 emission of semen at other times than in coitus ('webster's ninth new collegiate dictionary') 18) the politically correct term on public radio 'health show'
28) trinity broadcasting network

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