marlene mountain
one-line haiku sequence
gathered from 'recent links'


a sequence of gathered links


we listen to 'exotic' music from india not heard by mothers of the hungry
true life a woman lifeless in the undergrowth
the kidnapped baby recovered jonbenet still murdered
another taken from her home by dead of night
[2000 children reported missing every day in america]
priest's 30 years 'privilege' with at least 130 underprivileged boys
[john geoghan, first sentence 9-10 years in prison, 3 mandatory]
'operation candyman' a pack of pedophiles busted
one more little girl lost to one more adult male's need to come
so many women killed so many crime shows to prove it
found guilty without reason of insanity the satan-fearing 'mom'
last day of mothering crazy of course mother yates
death chambers scrubbed and ready for one teenager
the squabble who gets to kill the 17-year-old
a woman's murder sexualized by throwing in 'beautiful young girl'
world 'sex trade' hardened new growth of the pines
on the stand a rabbinic sermon an unsorry convicted husband
[rabbi fred neulander]
'washed in the blood' every two hours a woman rubbed out
a holier-than-thou pope protects the holier-than-thou pedophiles
where's a mother superior to spank those pricks
'adult movies' full of horses and goats along with 'everything nice'
[as in accused murderer westerfield's collection]
between the boy and the girl sophie's choice made me cry
scene of the crime shifts from one little girl to the next little girl
the row left for death but 'back june 6' aileen wuornos
[executed in florida october 8 2002]
did little boys truly kill their dad or did one's middle-aged lover
breaking news of heartbeats broken
corporations fall 'playboy' with oodles of money to ogle the women
'amber alert' somehow home-grown tomatoes fall flat
the plug pulled on ricci's brain is elizabeth hidden deep within
parents dead child missing the dripping leaves
simply put him in jail cardinal law accessory after/before the facts
red & black suits will suit themselves of course
a minute before the execution a stay for the schizophrene
no chance to say goodbye the sniped woman
in cross-examination a different slant doesn't change her dna
'down in the dumps' a dumped body
how to kill women under the guise of how women were killed
was she strangled a tiny bone fought for
death verdict for the child-killer less years to fantasize his deeds
will the pregnant wife be found as a mother or as a statistic
a steady rain another woman killed by a man for the detectives

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