marlene mountain
one-line haiku sequence
gathered from 'recent links'


a sequence of gathered links
september 11-december 2001


liberty bell & independence hall the closing down of 9/11/01
no place to hide dark now covers what rubble covers
intelligence community: hearts & prayers
hang on to your hat eerie talk flying through the air
alone with clothes to hang out glued to the world
tomato on the windowsill not forgotten
quick as a wink a god for anyone's side
in an emergency mother nature where can you hide the mountains
enemies of the elder come to roost in the coop of the younger
jarred further as commercials creep into reports of havoc in capitalism
even as september's hauled away why not haiku
'wanted dead or alive' loved ones of the rubble
on the home front fewer moths find the light left on for moths to find
pampas grass bends with the touch of autumn dew
the difficulties of poverty a scattered mind as people flee their homes
weather chitchat with the mail carrier the blues already fill the sky
the longest 2 weeks weeds seem harder to pull seem harder to call weeds
men of god disagree on god i just love mother nature
reign of terror who first did what to whom
one more family away from home under a blanket called a tent
in their lungs asbestos and people
the day drips as far as the leaves the earth hard to touch
us versus them in between children with no choice in the matter
for all to see bare limbs of the old walnut
so fear can prevail over freedom or is it the optimistic opposite
[press secretary ari fleischer's 'so freedom can prevail over fear']
as yet unable to find my psychic numbness cap
maybe tomorrow the spirit to divide the lilies
parades for columbus as propaganda flies beneath a crisp sky
under my housecoat a maroon sweatshirt covers flowers & vines
beneath the autumn blue haiku the fog of peace
sales of guns and gas masks up dramatically a new no hunting sign
i wish ground forces meant forces within the ground
alone in a little space the big picture dawns at dusk
in their 'hazmat' suits a partial government cleanup
a live update the men's war brushes off more 'collateral damage'
i'd make a nest right in the dirt if humanly possible
alone with a distant nuthatch part of the solution
'ground zero' an ominous separation from earth even before 9/11
the sky's not falling but if just a little drizzle could find its way home
not a care now that the prez is to rid the world of evil patriarchy
afghan children not even a cave is safe
a b-something empties my mind heavier within the autumn blue
comfort in the phoebe day before yesterday comfort only in the insects
a home for everyone some land too if possible
fear of women uncovered or not what's next
where have all the protesters gone media back in the state's pocket
beneath the holiday cheer suppression that makes it 'religious'
all about oil for our great way of life a little rain for the daylily roots
as women lift veils repressive policies in washington
'how did that make you feel' the favorite talking-head question
homefront security the insecurity of lies & secrets & a military tribunal
from the bible from the oval office: kill the wicked
in dc a tree smothered with all that capitalism can buy
in this daisy-cutter world roots and seeds and messengers killed
insulated from the world one would think a short poem in anger
the 'smoking gun' tape as bombs still try to smoke him out
a case of poison ivy in december now that's life
if our spooks hadn't been asleep no 100-day marking of you-know-what
from now until then the days longer whatever else might happen
subdued in-flight strange sneakers with a man attached
high-powered speechwriter childlike speechifier
a cold land warms my mind the place where my heart resides
all the fat man's deer misnamed it's a patriarchal world everywhere
cave by cave what's a mother nature to do
a ball to fall a ball to kick two more potentially-bad days coming up
do we watch 'times square' for what happens or what doesn't happen

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