marlene mountain
one-line haiku sequence
gathered from 'recent links'


a sequence of gathered links
january-december 2002

on the loose

'latest development' he's still on the loose
a shrub's life 'not over my dead body will they raise your taxes'
foreign choppers over the chopped-up hills and caves and bodies
little tagalongs in the many 'over theres' & 'right heres'
bordered by little hills that only go up i forget to be on high alert
it's the economy dubya
hard to escape even hard times can fill a haiku
their journey from elaborate tunnels to cages in the caribbean
loyalty to one's right-or-wrong country the only brainwashing allowed
with no bin laden the american demonized and rushed to judgment
beneath the good old boy image beats the smirk of a control freak
is this the year of its fall that monument to men
pregnant wife of american hostage danny says take me instead
though 'war is hell'
will he or won't he the new cold war heats up the blues of winter
do-gooders give sweeping orders to shoot and mop up
there's considerable more to fear than fear itself
flag-burning part of the allegiance
will someone in japan throw up on the younger
toward a more perfect police state called democratic for the world
'the fog of war' and the murky cost of it
mister prez will you rout out the evil of male-on-female violence
'jobs jobs jobs' other than in oil oil oil
in line with the party 'they will be killed make no bones about it'
[cnn reporter]
six-month anniversary of 'zero' in the cold wind a chickadee
after the press conference a clammy lied-to feeling
a swarm of men after another swarm of men
an ear to the sweet ground as nuke talk flies through the air
did dubya say bin could run but not hide or hide but not run
full of themselves two men shake hands
cycle of violence with the control of four-legged creatures
who'll be left standing when all sit down to talk about the stand-off
this was the year i was going to care less
a violent road to peace especially when that's not what it's about
new mission to the mideast well whatever
hate talk exudes from the heads of the holy land 'do unto others'
how much did that cost two men shake hands & sit down
no middle ground where middle ground was
men gather to solve male problems a step forward 2 backwards
dear boys don't start any more wars lots of home stuff unsolved
dubya's comfort in his skin makes me uneasy
retaliation a way of life and death
state terrorism on the rise a house for a house in my book
no cure with patriarchy so popular
trapped by explosions in & around a famous bethlehem tourist trap
war against the mountains momentarily won
american mailboxes for junk and scary letters and pipe bombs
watch out for apartments bridges power plants malls water
through all the efforts to demonize arafat still i understand him
was it 'gook' we called those people in vietnam
barrels of black gold to slurp america's truly 'most favored nations'
into our brain cells america's the bestest ever
if we knew how much our spooks got paid for nothing
'go on with your lives' as another spooky alert hits the waves
a bit on edge late frosts and terror warnings
still waiting most of the world for justice
can he do no right the popular prez
big minds at work to zap other big minds at work zap & be zapped
wanted dead or alive innocent people
how and when will it go down in history 'the great wall of israel'
all suspicious people and activities to be reported
throughout the world americans in danger being americans
unpaid cops all of us now
terror talk toward iraq revs up and surveillance of our lives
big plans to bomb clueless what to do for the next 20 years
then we redo everywhere like america a very violent place
i didn't get to sign a 'we the people' document or even suggest stuff
will we return land to native and slave descendants
have you any private thoughts which need surveilled
a speech full of tricky stuff toward war stuff
whatever war means besides hell it's popular
wouldn't care if the whole dang government quit to plant irises
a chill in the air then cicadas then the 'elevated alert' elevated
new reasons to go to war old ones not to go
usa's 'elevated alert' elevated to 'high' yellow to orange chatter
discrimination in america in everywhere even on mars
in just which palace would they find saddam or one of his doubles
watch out for big ears if you've a subversive gleam in your art
hey don dick john condy colin and george 'where's the beef?'
'home of the brave' have you turned in your suspicious nature
after america owns iraq then it could own iran
black gold in 'them thar hills' but more energy out of the blue
war in his eyes as touch-me-not pods empty out
land for peace leveled by bulldozers for peace
sniper shootings in the american east a journey into thin space
right on schedule a war to practice for the next
collateral damage their days are numbered
anti-war/peace petition i sign and go on as if nothing happened
in line beside the barbed-wire a baby comes out in a taxi
'nature whispers to me 'welcome home' i am so happy'
[japanese woman recently released from north korea]
thrown into the mix we'd have to kill saddam's crazy sons too
death penalty chatter have we gotten no further than henry the 8th
freedom of info if you can read between the lines
a view of the world through a tiny unsheltered piece of the earth
trotted out of comfy digs for a weekend of tough talk the veep
beneath the sands of the middle east non-male ideas
election eve i get to hang up on george w
one of the oldest cradles of civilization about to be rocked
if only the natives had put columbus back on the boat
thanksgiving & columbus among the dates i refuse to acknowledge
a fortune on 'star wars' the next on people-spying
as the world ends the mighty cockroaches
not a gleam in their eyes that dang 'bin' so they're off to off saddam
every which way war from the talking balls
high noon at the palace inspections of specks
freedom of art if self-censored before the censors of freedom
a wink and a nod and the powers-that-be find more power
is the latest alert an alert or isn't it
since dubya's gonna err i wish he'd err on the side of caution
most of our 18 billion years have been good while they've lasted
watch out for 'material breach' maybe or not the 'trigger for war'
just the latest myth to buy smart land mines
ungrown-up big boys with a destruction-for-peace philosophy
new rules to pack suitcases for the plane or a strip search will do

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