marlene mountain
one-line haiku sequence
july 9 2001
[gathered from 7/1-9]

nothing man-made

nothing man-made between me and the asparagus evening cool
in the field guide daisies beside the backdoor
what are the garden boots doing mildewing for early morning
back window frames a deer who frames me
fourth of july celebration the opening of a milkweed
butterfly bush butterfly weed butterflies
haiku without hype just a little something i am today
late bloomer beneath the apple tree purple iris
higher in the woods a maidenhair fern i'll never see again
forgotten the poem not the moment
sudden thunderstorm quite a lot to be quiet about
the day not lazy just me
wimbleton tennis each of us a reason for the rain to end
tomatoes staked my territory too
shirts on an old mop an old broom where the turkeys clean up
same spot the irises retransplanted
middle of a neighbor's flowers is that my hummingbird moth
day lilies divided her gift multiplies
another bed to prepare or go home to fall into bed
i don't care if it is symmetrical the heat


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