marlene mountain
one-line haiku sequence
high coup hai ku june 21 2001
[gathered from 6/17-21]

seems nothing or back at ya

seems nothing better to do for their haiku they monitor mine
all the better to high coup hai ku you with
they don't get no satisfaction those complainers of creativity
the peaceful haiku the warful readers
written forwards & backwards i like backwards haiku right now
what with critics like ours who needs what with noncritics
haiku in garbage out garbage in haiku out whatever in whatever out
with nothing to say they can't leave it at that
tiny-minded 'good guise' in the tiny big no-mind senses-only world
usually one of life's dull little moments haiku
the warful haiku the peaceful readers please don't disturb our wa
stick with me babe a content out of context
no-image haiku unallowed noncritics like ours who needs anyone
diss my haiku i'll make more


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