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untitled one-word linked haiku 1976-1979   [cvdh]
[not as yet available]

one-line linked haiku   march-october 1993   [kt]

somalis on tv

somalis on tv i can't shoo flies from the baby's face *
just over the mountain barrels of toxic waste turn up
all these years of bird-watching i've never seen them screw
eyes glaze over at the word feminist
full of self-doubt i trust myself
the heat how many hotline numbers & why

busom-deep in the busoms of neolithic bird shevinitys
the haiku spirit snarls through his haiku lips
i've come to the fir and learned of acid clouds

Lynx 9:2 june 1994; * Bare Bones, England

one-line linked haiku           [mdw]

warmed by

warmed by firewood troubled by vanishing forest and ozone
someone wants to correct my haiku 'babe-age' talk on tv
nature not always nature an act of god a disaster a freak of
fear of 'mission creep' in rwanda
revised & passed 'hug-a-thug' bill *
out of the mouths of women 94000000 a year **
i've come on hard times now fallen on hard times
'atmospheric drift' so nature sounding
every second in the world 2 barbies sold
'pro-lifer' yells to jailed john c salvi 3rd: you are a hero

* house republican's term for the crime bill  ** babies born. see the woman's
encyclopedia of myths and secrets
, barbara g walker, for mouth/vagina symbolism in
male religions,eg, in catholicism the vagina has been called 'the mouth of hell' and in
some muslim cultures the female mouth is feared, therefore covered. 'no' from a
female mouth is perhaps the most difficult word to hear--if she is allowed to say it.

Lynx 11:1 1996


one-line linked haiku   january 11 1994-     [pf]


lisa kilmer on tv: a life is more valuable than a penis *
in her mental delusion do i look like i've lost my best friend
omaha 'guns are easier to get than it is to get an education **

*lawyer for ms bobbet ** teenage boys


one-line linked haiku      november 23 1997-     [jh]

green sheets

as nature passes me by i cling to rumpled green sheets
horoscope: stop ignoring the state of your finances
100 years of deep plowing dirt cheap pay dirt dirt poor
outdoor thermometer 60.7 indoor clock 6:07
she does not 'submit graciously' to the baptist
hollyhock survives the transplant violence on tv
haiku on the way on the way back grocery list
we meet as strangers on a strange trail in space
'document dump' vs 'body parts being strewn about' *
all day i play in earth & long to be dragged thru the mud

* phrases in the news


one-line linked haiku     july 29 1998-       [lg]

of butterflies

new laws and new prisons and a new term 'future killer-kids' *
canceled flight unable to find her security after the bombs
'diamonds are forever' now viagra-shaped
to be in harmony with emmylou harris
air strikes 'the come-back kid' or the cum-back kid
auxiliary ladies study what the gentlemen want them to know
'hard to find' everyone swoons over ancient female symbols **
many giggles after the 'exactly' & 'absolutely' talk
high coup haiclue
land mine warnings yet another year another 26000 killed or maimed

*cnn  ** valle crucis nc

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