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one-line linked haiku one   february 1989-april 1993

i love us/the female endures

embarrassed to be heterosexual in a patriarchal world
i love us our 'big fat loud feminists' our skinny ones
when we outgrow haiku get out or change it tough shit guys i'm staying
i want the best for women i wonder what that is
sonia johnson wildfire igniting the she/volution $10.95
women's liberation watered down to 'issues' as when susan screwed matilda
the more honest our female words the less likely an editor's yes
being 50 almost replaces a deep need to be 25 again and not fuck up
what have i come to i've begun to wish for what i can't have
if it weren't for the world and relatives i'd be fine
not the fog of war not the fog of peace merely the fog of men
i open my notebook to a big no from some bright place in the night

here & now islands of the 'marvelous void' #one(ness) in pollution
your letter deep female art in a world of 'male poortry'
'to know know know him is to' no no no 'him and i do'
skin & bones somali but food can't restore her labia & clitoris
sinead shreds the pope i shred the 'poope' & jerks shredding her
would all be equal if we degrade them like they degrade us

12m) At a crucial time in radical (at the 'root') feminism, Sally Roesch Wagner
explains in her introduction to the 1980 reprint of Matilda Joslyn Gage's 1893,
WOMAN, CHURCH & STATE, The Original Expose of Male Collaboration Against
the Female Sex, Susan B. Anthony's main interests were women's suffrage
and black civil rights and she fear that MJG's ideas--The Big Picture--would
jeopardize those. She therefore sabotaged MJG and along with Elizabeth Cady
Stanton wrote MJG out of history and even worse out of herstory; her book
suppressed for nearly 100 years.
22m) Mirrors 4:2 in 'tear out' form.
31m) See Woman of Power #18 for article by Fran B. Hosken, 'Female Genital
Mutilation.' Excision is practiced across the middle of Africa from Senegal to
Kenya, and from Tanzania to Egypt and parts of Liberia. Infibulation (therefore
defibulation), an even worse mutilation, is practiced in Mali, parts of Nigeria,
Ethiopia, Egypt, almost all of Sudan and all of Somalia. These mutilations are
not limited to Africa and in fact are performed in American Hospitals.

Mirrors summer 1993

one-line linked haiku two   july 1993-september 1995
(8/10/10/8 pattern)

the sound of large bird feet

down under she sees up and beyond
no write-alike that big woman
has there ever been a man better than a banana
mother even to her lovers
jan's real life poems fly across the wide sea look out
so much in common with another woman rare as she is
'you gotta have heart . . . when the odds are saying . . .'
not as obscure as she thinks feels responds to life
there's baby grandson to listen to understand or is there
'just say no' to nerves just say yes to nervyness
puts up with put downs temporarily
not 'as good as others' gooder
'tweed two'
eyes weak yet clear wordvisions
me & jan 'seen it done it been there' & more's a-coming
petty politics control thru 'spirit' will break your heart
poor circulation she circulates flowing 'ku flowing high
yet another bump in the road to absorb the shock handily handled

Raw Nervz Haiku 3:2 1996

one-line linked haiku three  july 1993-april 1995

memories dead weight

[not available as yet]

Social Alternatives 15:1 1996

one-line linked haiku four   october 1993-september 1995
(9/6/9/6/6 pattern)

we are all suspect (fbi desperate)

fbi desperate for one female serial killer nabs a lesbian
his black ass saved to save their white male faces
under his breath of a rapist: feeding that thing between his legs
the light back on to scrawl i'm already nature dammit
red splatters in the snow abstract painting in sarajevo
made it worse but i did get to yell at him
calif: 250 sex offenders released each month year
10/25/93 911 'he's gonna beat the shit out of me'
world population control twenty billion condoms for starters
week's anniversaries 40 years of playboy 35 years of barbie
american [sic] indian [sic]: christianity devastated our culture
atheist robin murray-o'hair on a tv talk show: that's baloney
time man of the year mm's misogynist of the decade
another bastard another brakedown of patriarchy
chomo-lung-ma world's highest mountain denamed defamed
family values: male head of house and male god head of rest
in a gang with a gun in her tiny clutches shirley temple
father porter mass in mass. up the rectum in the rectory

1m) aileen wuormos now on death row 3m) clarence thomas hearing for supreme court justice 5m) 'law and order' on nbc 14m) nicole brown simpson 15b) female genital mutilation 30m) goddess-mother of the universe, one of the primal mothers of the himalayas (mountains of heaven), called everest in the west for the surveyor

Raw Nervz Haiku 2:4 1995/96

one-line linked haiku five    november 8 1995-
(6/12/12/6 pattern)

that same old

peace rally a killer killed that same old god-justified land
he dresses like women don't want to dress like
amazingly johnpaulpope 2 agrees with me nauseous xymas day
'the urge to destroy is creative'
but will i ever get home
all in one peace
oj's self-portrait: a relatively moral guy
does parkinson have pope's disease
the world fucked-up she's on prosac
can't give him the benefit of a doubt the promise of spring
unable to live up to ignorance not able to live down my own
how i came to this art a long story about 5000 years
when doctors get healing right again they'll be female again
hisstory grad asks if a man can really be a feminist
nothing on tv nothing on the web nothing deep inside
despite genes i refuse to be what i might have been

8m) his staffer to 'the politician's wife' pbs



one-line linked haiku six     november 25 1995--
(10/10/8/8 pattern)

from birth

solstice card danger of sunlight
'two all [castrated]--beef patties . . .'
'all men are created equal'
peace corps' 35th year 7000
god's self-hate
the heat a scientist fudges magnanimously to a creationist
olympics briefing the gbi agent near a confederate flag
ruined project even with both of us protecting his balls
life-long lies about god & women bernardine dies with praise
what genius juliet cleo et al portrayed by other than shes
'destroy all girls' 10000000 dollars in sales
unable to understand my haiku his unswung pendulum
on mother nature's rock: jesus is lord
do haiku poets want to understand each other


4m) hamburger jingle  13m) after the bomb, georgia bureau of investigation
17) 'liberal' chicago cardinal  22m) on a t-shirt label (from a rock song); original
idea 'kill all parents' deemed too much, cnn


one-line linked haiku seven   december 16 1995-

try cruel &

try cruel & unusual punishment on cruel & un/usual punishers
my free 10 minute million dollar education he doesn't get

patriarchal nature program pits red meat against red meat
widow's benefits' celebration bedroom heat unused since '79

usa 'right to pursue happiness' if government-approved undergod
today i'd almost settle for a square peg in a square hole

!wasn't always a man's earth!
a day of too much here and now

montana hermit's cabin on the move
haunted by the get-done list

he starts the dozer & nature-fucks
i need to 'kiss the ground i walk on'

patriarchal y[e]n & yan[k]
unanxiouslessnessish day

don't go east anyone
i soulated in dust

'dependency on pants was a mistake'
didn't buy the myth got clobbered

semi-nude dance bar: civil rights start here girls girls girls
'if you believe that i've got' several guyreligions 'to sell you'

jones koresh applewhite moses jesus buddha mohammed et al
'there but for the grace of' mothernature [& darwin] 'go i'

'lucy' in a harem yet gosh no male fight-teeth to protect ownership
egotesticle 'science' speculation duh my interactive tv back-talk

maybe the lads are sterile/gay/smart and the bloodline will . . .
dear cloners please send two of me 1 to think and 1 to rest

'it is a vast right-wing conspiracy . . . conspiring against' him
my mind an orphan in a world that resents a bird and its space

authorities work hard to be wrong or maybe naturally ignorant
don't know whether to blame/praise africa for brain-expansion

18Am) clothes designer bill blass [is he speaking of women's designs or 'who wears
the pants'?]  19Am) hawkins county, tennessee sign
23Am) 'in search of human origin' pbs 'nova'
27Am) hillary clinton re her husband


one-line linked haiku     january 2 2001-unfinished

a naked shower

after a naked shower i double and triple my clothes again
strong instinct to survive ladybug reappears on the kitchen curtain
what's in the banged-up mailbox maybe the jet stream crashed
america's 'knowledge-driven economy' say what
ralph nader his ego helps a screw-up win the election
'shaken upset devastated' the evil snooper's privacy suit
onions wait for me and a dirt patch covered with leaves
2 old-haired sisters show arm bruises given each other
the great blue heron flaps off without a trace
a clear sky torn between art and nature another little boy kills
they're still stuck in 5-7-5 syllables unbelievable as that ever was
'when i was child i spake as a child' now i know the paleoclay woms

notes: 12m) linda tripp the whistleblower herself
23m) wom/s: my spelling of woman/women -- rhymes with dome/s -- re
the ancient spiritual sculptures. see the books of the late dr marija gimbutas, ucla professor/archeologist. you go wom -- you like that phrase?

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