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one-line linked haiku one   february 3-december 1994

one eight hundred

one eight hundred seven two three five five zero 2.50 p/m
zhivago the russian snow only marble dust in sizzling spain
international women's day my heart goes out my heart comes in
not red-clad she leans forward for male approval
bug-killer ad the discovery channel
'you won't have nixon to kick around anymore'
'enough' was already 'enough' 2nd day of pricktriarchy
3 2 0 J B K 4 0 1 3 9 7 0 0 6 1 7 9 4
25 billion bucks 2 men on my moon
concentration camps black not pink triangles for females
'baywatch' most popular ooh la la tv show in the world
nippon kids now taught creativity the future is feminine
global community but to focus down to my survival
guerrilla girls i want an nea cultural terrorist grant too
ca dem rep maxine waters to rep rep peter king: shut up
lonely for money even horny for money
my art tainted by male art a part of my youth
reigning cats and dogs

Mirrors winter 1995

one-line linked haiku two   january 7-december 4 1995

another slug

juno a female sperm [huh?] whale dies
have kids worldwide taken a vow of poverty
down in the (toxsick waste) dumps
oh to be in a ditch with newt and give him infections

great another article on another old master april fools'
n.o.w. march on washington on & upward marches his dick
the power of feminist art my copy at $45 still at the whitney
censorship be damned but those wanting to own our mindbodyspirit
oh what a cute out of wedlock illegitimate s.o.b. bastard baby
minutes after the murders autographs of 'peace'

right-wing stink tank affirmative axetion
women gang in china shrinkage of whining male jewels
pressed & ironed out free press for the unabomber
johnny cock-ism-ran-race-ism he doesn't fit
standardized test her depression trivialized
political ad on tv claims 773000 words in their bible
whether chicken or egg first 'government-approved feces'
'for the price they paid to rent the car they could have had a girl'

7m) response to his quote 'if combat means living in a ditch, females have
biological problems staying in a ditch for 30 days because they get infections . . .
males are biologically driven to go out and hunt giraffes' newsweek 1/30/95
20m) of simpson 35m) admiral richard macke in okinawa

Lynx 11:2 1996

one-line linked haiku three   december 13 1995-february 6 1997

a child is born

a child is born mom's or surrogate's egg dad's or doc's sperm
wow do i feel better my 2c to another mean-spirited capitolist
'eyesore' tokyo police scatter 'cardboard alley' sabi wabi etc
now white only fountain bus seat counter dixie touri$m
'v for victory' to 'v(iolence) chip' for tv
how can anyone be man-crazy
art is only art
april nineteenth will it happen
called filth trash smut her nude body
cross an act of mother nature rips off a father cross rip-off
'a probable certainty of no harm' the 'peace of mind act'
still angry at my neighbor i swipe his rotting leaves and twigs
wild[?]life privacy a silverback picks his nose and eats it
yemeni does she lust for that short-sleeved guy on the street
intellectuals do genesis a jawbone between lucy & us from mars
'assault with a friendly weapon'
their cows on tv on a roof
goodwill store manager: & don't ever come back

3m) to his congressional aide at least--a five-minute free call courtesy of 'working
assets long distance'  19m) spring storm in bristol tn 21m) re pesticides on food  
27m) a person from yemen  29m) bill moyers/recent homo species find in ethiopia  
32m) a cop's opinion re another cop's view of rape ('dateline' nbc)

Lynx 12:3 1997

one-line linked haiku four  march 3-december 29 1997

awards ceremony

cares of the world still in autumn's trowel
'anything you can' howl 'i can' howl . . .
killer whale or whale killer
multi-million dollar man-made nature movie dud
48% of americans believe in ufos less in identified haiku
sludge farming you don't wanna know nothing about it never
freedom of speech read denigrate females to justify a jerk's jerk
eat your broccoli george you're no longer president
october first first save: hello world mm's got a mac!
usher's millennium final mortgage check
'the fox tuesday night movie wolf will continue'
'kissing up to the wealthiest extremists of the amoral left'
with no opinion on everything i write haiku
promo for bear movie: jaws with claws
on this expensive new machine i've turned to solitaire
sister wendy like men you skip past women's ancient symbols
image makeover: i saw santa praying at baby jesus cradle

4m) allen ginsberg  20m) in 1650 archbishop james usher, confused by discrepancy
between bible and calendar, declared the world created oct 23 4044 bc, 'the third millennium
theory,' g utley, cnn  26m) revlouis sheldon 'traditional values coalition' re pres clinton,
reuters  33m) towendy beckett re pbs art series which ignored the neolithic  
35m) song written by pat boone based on a children's book after the apparent
rejection of his hard rock attire, tbn

Raw Nervz Haiku 5:2 1998; Sunday at Four 7:3 1999

one-line linked haiku five  december 31 1997-april 8 1998

15 billion inches

15 billion inches to the moon when does a year really begin
bone scan step on a crack & break your back or take fosamax
give a man quill & infinity he'd create shakespeare's stuff

flashlight in bed have air strikes begun
protest haiku 'outed' on the net
just not qualified to be myself anymore
deadlocked over the death penalty
mother nature slip: global warning
'free speech not only lives it rocks'
boxers beat shit out of each other hug at the final bell
wildflowers behind 'the therapy center' stolen for home
library conference yard rooster gets the name crowbar
graf & davenport on espn fire dies down 10-degree night
nothing spent at salvation army from salvation army purse
'be prepared' for 'boy scouts of america' discrimination
spring-cleaning nothing in the house
paula jones goes down in defeat
one good thing about poor memory another the perennials

16m) by 2 or 3 newscasters including peter jennings 18m) oprah winfrey, 2/26/98  
 29m) re court decision against gays and atheists

Lynx 15.3 2000

one-line linked haiku six   april 21-august 20 1998

parallel lines

face on mars no kilroy chaoscoswommos of course
viagraless the pokeberry pokes through
prez libraries save room for their toxic wastes
rain and even more rain eastwood violence just for adobe
the bard reading with that 'dopey bear' name bares watching
one says i'm a dove another i'm a hawk neither with feathers
alleyway all the bricks painted brick red the heat of late may
flowers dug from her garden brought home to a tornado warning
baggy pants in as i no longer look if guys dress right or left
stacks of stuff empty drawers of the filing cabinet
dc bloodhounds out for sperm dog the 'arkansas traveler'
summer flowers mac icons
jigsaw puzzle of matisse 'red interior' sweet madness
hierarchical crap official definition of haiku
louise brown's 20th year dampness in the copier
information on the plastic bottle how long to gargle and why
police called on the above-age but mixed-up 'kid' by the mother
i thought she knew she must have known how could she not know

28m) human nature is nature just as turtle nature is nature. human activities are
what people do just as turtle activities are what turtles do. old-fogy patriarchal
concepts of the human as separate are not only incorrect but dangerous. golly,
are poets still counting syllables? [essay question: do we need haiku to link
me/you/us to turtles?] 30m) 1st test-tube baby

Raw Nervz Haiku 6:1 1999

one-line linked haiku seven   august 21-november 10 1998

latest joke

latest joke politicians prick about another's 'lies' pass it on
she faces & asks what are your feelings leaves him in the trees
the other woman blown out of the water news of a pregnant bonnie

concentration lost yet cucumbers under a full moon
dna material on material & more graphic material cumin'
homer fights another male sport more statistics to keep
a plan to put a note on my foot: haiku is a nature poem
such dirty pool no one as lucky as me in an inner tube
we raised bonsai--johnmyth--like we raised peanut butter
flynt's million for a bigwig affair outhustles the wrongwingers
take off a happy face and frown the whole world frowns with you
radiation therapy begun she wonders who will get little jenna
up late i crave a video by marilyn manson smooth-talking & all
liftoff our here & now just as ambiguous as it's always been
from a green plastic lean-back a scan of my shadow in leaves

still saving myself for a hominid but nothing's forever
words words words corrupt my visual world
what does a vegetarian beat

Sunday at Four 7:2 1998
; Lynx 17.2 2000

one-line linked haiku eight  november 14 1998-february 2 1999

at forty-five

not like the good/bad 70s when i craved oph
'but a woman can only be won by the strength of swords'
'where the deer and the antelope' played
against my grain woman at wrong number says well happy thanksgiving
oh how scary-looking your eyes have gotten mr rogers the better to
back to nature another try with another guy with another backhoe
does larry flynt lie 2 on judiciary committee with a big bucks past petition:support:women's:rights:afghanistan:[email protected]
why did the egg cross the road and say it was the first to do so
unable to find what i forgot i was looking for
mr magoo protest by disability activists' abilities
end of the world since guy-takeovers of earth sky & sea
one cent postage hike 'biotic' pie-throwers unite
'both brides ['of satan'] wore purple floral cardigans'
state of the union poor mr hyde goes into hiding
conventional serious-sounding wisdom dumb and dumber and dumbest
no plans for the future think i'll pass on the hooters hula bowl
on the bad curve door of my mailbox hangs by a rusty thread

2m 'other people's haiku' after 'other people's kids' 4m female lead in akira
kurosawa's 'roshomon' 13m 'politically incorrect' 12/8-9/98 [see 'latest joke' link
19m] 28m protest wedding with 97 ministers & 20 protesters of, reuters, 1/16/99

Raw Nervz Haiku 6:2 1999-2000

one-line linked haiku nine    february 8-may 25 1999

enemies of

enemies of my friend friends of my enemy king hussein's wake
mouseitis/carpal tunnel syndrome maybe a haiku wrist splint
independence dependence on self spring just over the next hill
i barely remember what i craved in that moon phase
more slaughter i prefer the intelligence of piss ants
no one to tell me to come in out of the spring rain
onions unplanted hard to let go of the naked earth
even with binoculars i can't make out the warbler
pipe bombs is testosterone in the apples of adams
not barbie of course but little boys and dolls might make a diff
separated families patriarchy can't stick to its owner-rules
in caanan much commotion to ring in the sexual season of growth
jamie shea: it has never been as true that nato never sleeps
internalized how the new tomato plants feel in wind & heavy rain
unable to throw away anything including cobwebs & layers of dust
'land for peace' try peace for land this time
most of my life on a hillslide
scraggly garden still i say hi pretties

Sunday at Four 8:1 1999

one-line linked haiku ten  september 2 1999-january 5 2000


neglected some of my favorite pals as i try to sort thru long-agos
not in the moment rake leaves as they fall or when all have fallen
'the term for the compiler of a saijiki?' analyzer retentive?
one blanket two blanket three blanket night
grimy gingrich a face big enough for two
after little josh leaves back to my own chaos
females degraded again our beautiful lips 'garbage' etc
i tried to give away compliments but they kept returning
interesting ball game ruined by motor-mouth announcers
california feelings live from her 7.1 derailed dining car phone
the billionaire the ego with 'a stable of stunning girlfriends'
wrens at the window sill for what's left in the peanut butter jar
not enough brain-dead donors well take stuff from the drunk drivers
trial as an adult a boy with first grade understandings the cold

14m) chris ofili 'the people who are attacking this painting are attacking their own
interpretation, not mine.' 21m) the howard kurtz in a stable of
non-stunning boy yakkers on cnn

Lynx 16.3 2001

one-line linked haiku eleven [rhymga two]   january 6-april 10 2000

reading thackeray

'voice of an angel' ad's fond choice for car sales
not-so-hot-tv-ratings plot loved female left in a lot to rot

oh a moment keenly perceived but the test have i seen it before
a better place our nutty world now that bow-wow et al have their hmo's
'the grandmothers' after the hand-over i hope you tell all the bosses off
we love babies dear prez wannabes your deadly fear we own ourselves
rehearsed 'high-level peace talks' sigh let first-graders give it a crack
groundhog's shadow just don't expect mine to show up on this snow
got to object to adverbs & adjectives on tv: and heartlessly raped her
ocean to mainstream: jackscrew & gimbal nut blues
did you ever hear the 'signs: 3 6 9 12 inches' joke
digital divide/white-skin privilege 'crats at the apollo
'basic instincts' rerun even censored a case study in twists
cold snap unable to slow the sappy spring in nature's step
like an old fork stiff from too much work on the land
2000 years of mean deeds a pope's apology worthless in these ears
dedication: the mess left by the damn 'dozer less now my pretty messes
ha-ha 'your response is required by law' no whim from uncle census

notes: 3} after bob dylan's 'blowin' in the wind'
17m} john walsh 'america's most wanted' 24m} quotes from the debate

carlos colon's rhymga rules: at least one word in the succeeding link should rhyme
with one of the words in the preceding link. in addition, the succeeding link should also
include a separate rhyme between two or more words. sight rhymes or
off-rhymes are acceptable

Raw Nervz Haiku 7:2 2001
[mistakes corrected Raw Nervz Haiku 7:4 2002]

one-line linked haiku twelve 
august 19 2000-janurary 27 2001

home from

home from the garden i've forgotten the garden haiku
3 hard drives 3 logic boards 3 memory chips 3 french hens

still deep in jail dr kervorkian in bad health without a way to go

latest trick in the bag the ceo apologizes
'but i've always seemed to see the sad side of things'
a cold front the loanshark's new used car business
weaned from nature the red curtains closed
ms chad for president pregnant at that
frozen ground fan mail from a male i don't know
though still out of luck a missing green sock in plain sight
third snow just enough to remind anyone i know that kigo
all day a shooter testifies on 'court tv' no voice in the house
many of my troubles diminish in light of the world at large
whether we date or not it might be improper to put it in words
paralyzed by two 'corporapetions' she settles out of court
guess i'll go somewhere maybe the dentist thursday
did it rain on his parade the illegal sheriff in dc
on the horizon a figure unlikely to fade into the sunset

notes: 10m willie nelson

Lynx 16.2 2001

one-line linked haiku thirteen  january 29 2001-october17 2001

inauguration day

after the 'talking desk' spiel the tv ratings go through my floor
in wadded shorts 'dumb and dumber' hearings on the comeback kid
mother nature a bit nippy onion sets remain in a brown paper bag
wood ducks on the little pond all's not right with the world
'sincere regret' re pilot 'very sorry' entering space yak-yak
deeper into spring spring-writing seems useless
a wood thrush kind of morning
at the greenhouse my eyes bigger than my energy
none of the men deserve a middle east homeland
tiger in the woods can we do anything but wonder about extinction
cold and wet on the 'hillslide' i curse the invention of wheels
does the wife of a schoolteacher's husband cry in a developed nation
even without hollywood the family values of adam & eve questionable
haiku with a capital h poet with a capital p nature merely an excuse
recovered from the gullywash the jewelweeds can't help but glisten
weather report live from the cicada bunches
the last time i really saw peres a real party line
operation fuck up the world further

Raw Nervz Haiku 8:1 2002

one-line linked haiku  november 11 2001-september 6 2002

a sky without rain

a sky without rain how we learned to live with terrorism & love it
flat-out cold a chickadee chick-a-dee-dees with another
a door hangs on a honey-tongued hinge might & right on the loose
his face lifted the brain remains in place
shade-tree government and its shady shadow
how much did that cost two men shake hands & sit down
still at it the lonely grouse and his base drum
home from rome the red and blacks with grey areas
flowered the scratchy green
nature imitates 'high coup hai ku' a crow in the pond
late frosts into what we thought was drought a downpour into sun
without permission irises dug up for dirts unknown to the masses
in a lull with all things summerish not over being under the weather
corporations fall 'playboy' with oodles of money to ogle the women

as if to footnote a long dog day katydids take over the moon
'amber alert' somehow homegrown tomatoes fall flat
thoughts against the wrong-wing grain be mum or else
a flight of fancy as a leaf slides into an early autumn

Presence #19

one-line linked haiku   may 7 2003-february15 2004

model t

farther than catholic bingo mr virture's gambling ventures
out of the fire into the frying pan 'our' iraqis and afghans
add a semicolon a pleasant yet popular two-moments haiku
enough rain to float a pond
a pact of lies in the world until a pack of irises
a baseball statistic batted down one mascot
'as long as it takes' a war deadline with depth
enamored by a 'geico' gecko an adman's woman
in the tangled morning glories more of them
finally back the computer with 1 thing fixed leaves fall 1 x 1
only green onions left in the garden 'no pain no gain'
two soldiers killed was that today yesterday or tomorrow

first snow in a dark hollow melted and warm across the road
one little cow sits in a cage it falls over then there were two
ah the moon in real time no matter 'corporapetions' ignore it
a path beaten by neocons hail to the chief cheney
whew only bills to answer from the mailbox
can you hear the respelling of matriarchy

2m former drug tsar william bennett
13m current secretary of defense rumsfeld
28m results of mad cow disease

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