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one-line linked haiku one   december 28 1992-october 1993

just like daddy/trick's parade
(some linked haiku about real life)

rape camps
senator to hill: are you a woman scorned
they're killed over potty 'training'
midwinter second 'manniversary' of a 42 billion dollar war
patriarchal reversal/erasure a haikuzi calls my art smut
babies saved christian says of christian-slain doctor
'scary' old-time nature symbols inverted to male rigmarole
might just the threat of cutting it off make a difference
why a lesbian would even want in pa--antifemale--trick's parade
who even deserves a homeland
cast the first stone to get stoned or to be stoned
edna caged for sex at clyde's moonshine establishment
nature forced into man's bed overflows
steinem: we don't give a shit what she [paglia] thinks
old 'comfort women' confront a male culture
when will the study of testosterone and y chromosomes be out
dear barney frank no 'base' talk on base about women either
invasion of maytreearchy by horseback 'gentlemen start your engines'

9m) haikuzi: one who thinks haiku should be warm and fuzzy  30m) fifty years ago 200,000 asian females (the majority korean) were taken at bayonet-point to serve as 'sex slaves' for japanese soldiers. for the first time some are telling of the brutality they experienced. 'dateline' nbc, august 10, 1993  35m) see marija gimbutas' THE CIVILIZATION OF THE GODDESS for archeological evidence of the beginnings of patriarchy--which changed the world, but perhaps not forever.

one-line linked haiku two  december 1994 -september 1995

this is our life/no more brains

'this is our life here this is not a made-for-tv movie'
at the funeral: i'm sorry i loved you too much
but [fag] can never hurt
ok dick 1 in an arm[e]y of xian dicks
leg- breast- ass- tit-man who are these mans
nice nature concrete image 3-line 'rush to judgment'
screwed-over by another professional malemind
girlies on crosses tied spread tillich's delight
newt's half-sister at least has smarts
nature called wild
john doe number one another baby grown up in patriarchy
'are you washed in the blood in the soul-cleansing blood . . .'
ten times more testosterone in men nicole's '36th birthday'
may be dicks on/in some of you guys but ain't no dicks on/in me
barbara walker the woman's encyclopedia of myths and secrets
white male ears of quillen's aide full of a female's valuable values
50th anniversary a john wayne jap movie
the/rapist couch freuds into a sextional sofa
great women on the small wall of china

1m) unarmed female escort pensicola abortion clinic 3m) oj simpson 5m) re sen dick armey name-calling of sen barney frank 10m) johnnie cochran 14m) 'from time to time,' hannah tillich, re paul's pornography  25m) based on 'there be flies on . . .' 29m) free calls to big shots courtesy of 'working assets long distance' 34m) mary daly's term for therapist 36m) 'women weaving the world'

Raw Nervz Haiku 3:2 1996

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