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one-line linked haiku one  july 7-october 28 1998

after all

after all the years of lust for what i now have a lust for help
'we could own this blue millennium-ready let's revisit the beige'
pist off even alone
'eric's solitaire sample' voice: nice going
monica monica your big mouth
my 'healing garden' is it wheelchair accessible
a nightmare mares of the night called nightmare
reno held in contempt by a contemptible little prick
thrift shop chewing gum on the tire of a fancy car
the heat the haiku clothes still in the washer
'feminazis' band in n carolina thanks rush for the inspiration
just wait til the 'wrongwingers' take over art nature sex & all
4th estate self-styled philosophers above the law of objectivity
first josh haiku: everybody even the scary people said boo
stranger than reality the reality of stranger than reality
'opinion elite' [sic] drag themselves out of nonegolessness to err
unsatisfied the earth wants even more leaves to rot
in yet another plush setting they discuss terrorism
halloween nears i really do need a new broom

3m) tv ad  12m) some medieval superstition called groups of 9 sacred women or female spirits 'mares,' who lived in woods and might act like succubae by settling on sleeping men and choking off their breath and speech: night-mare. a patriarchal reversal of the muses who gave inspiration (breathing-in) of the powers of speech and poetry. from a passage in barbara g. walker, 'the woman's dictionary of symbols and sacred objects,' harper & row, 1988

one-line linked haiku two   september 22 1999-

cheap shots

cheap shots at patriarchal people eg myself & haiku not cheap at all
swamped by the dried-up look of a machine that surrounds
alien three rerun heavy rains return to north carolina rivers
not pornographic women's lips art controversy my ass
scattered frost unopened notice from medi/don'tcare
a tourist trap mountains of nature-turned leaves
again the push against carbohydrates veggies fruits
maybe another male mega-merger if the bigger boys allow
patientlessness moneylessness unnaturelessness
in the woods of the valley dogs on the chase sometimes a gunshot

[in progress]

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