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one-line linked haiku one    september 23-october 2 1999


autumn equinox 2 sweat shirts a housecoat a blanket
ponds low growing things unwatered the tug to be
from japan the contest guidelines: three lines
confused world i trust myself the most yet not always dependable
what pay to look ugly and act uglier tv guys in wrestling get-ups
shaved head without asking from chemo treatments or just 'stylish'
no more panic attacks now that he's living elsewhere evening cool
the dirt they grow in still on my mind purple morning glories
a day almost too long cheese and crackers an effort to prepare
a ship to mars disappears a world of dying kids
kitchen drawer rarely opened pink insulation nest
old days & now male minds fear our female expression
mercenary tv christians with y2k/2nd coming tactics
if it was a poem it's still in the dried-up stalk
a few sprinkles a sign that rain still exists
something like relish and something like applesauce my cooking
old 'bureaucrazys' slow to react fast to lie dogwoods' autumn
even better than the feeling of home the feeling of back home

Raw Nervz Haiku 7:3 2001

one-line linked haiku two   october 2-12 1999

half the room

scattered frost with half the room rearranged nothing fits
images of art denigrated by an ignorant political-savvy mayor
eyes-on-me feeling i scream 'hunters get off my land' two deer
is jesse the body/the mind now jesse the back-away
thunder comes and goes now longed-for ordinary rain
web above the sink she hides again from the glare
a father who doesn't take care of his share
under a quilt a dip of wintergreen skoal
i take up too much of my time with myself
for the overstuffed 'wearable' & 'driveable' computer stuffings
only in america 'breaking news' trump might run for president
are there really razor blades hidden in the apples of halloween
worn-out windshield wipers pop into my mind before we head out
their kitty-cat chases down a chipmunk we watch from upstairs
bones full of holes still she craves new breasts over the scars
one rock & another 'because it's there' to destroy
six-billionth person arbitrarily chosen 'it's a boy'
no one struck us down an art smaller than nature

8m) minnesota governor hounded for his anti-religion comments

Raw Nervz Haiku 7:1 2001

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