marlene mountain
one-line linked haiku

[mm links w/m luna]
february 18-22 2004

one-line linked haiku

chromium cancer clusters

which scented soap washes out dishes of evil food
overdose of neurontin the world jerks trashed in jibberish
tree trucks take a dump near the river
left behind the drunks of landscrape art
burned the air
who chopped the hill the corporapetions of chopsticks
a face on the tuna can dolphins stabbed out
tv ad we protect you in our environmen
rocks for sale as is a perfect fixer-upper for a handy young family
a dead-man's ashes on the moon of women and our tides
the awesome jesus face busted on the believers' dumb-struck souls
global warning bucks with millions of bucks fill up the urinals

some 'mad-up words' included

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