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one-line linked haiku 1   december 13-20 2000

what's left

'supreme' injustice well there goes what's left of the wilderness
gone south or west the migrant workers without food stamps
electricity bill in the mail wind rattles across the old tin roof

still in the camp of the 'underpeople'
will mcveigh have another death wish realized
stormy seattle on the line a wet blanket i need
not a fat lady at all a black-robed 'unjustice' sang
half the errands done back to doing not much
my ip to her ip begins dhoward.notspam@
clinton please pardon aileen wuornos who shot only violent johns
warm winter day now that the vacuum's repaired and plugged in
abrupt change of weather four brown-like socks that needn't match
land disputed by the 'world's great religions' for their children
a bad dream that so many of us cannot dream past our potential
things taken away and things put in the carton of orange juice
new 'presidensy' when the comedy begins
tomorrow the day will be longer toward spring
just think haiku about those who don't haiku

19m Florida death row inmate

Lynx 17:1 2002

one-line linked haiku 2  december20-26 2000

'Come the millennium, month 12, In the home of greatest power,
The village idiot will come forth To be proclaimed the leader'
Nostradamus via a chat board

chat boards

i've switched to the rae carruth death penalty trial
test to son's new pager: put in your digital message
baby born by accident in a highway crash motherless
in georgespeak the head of a non-existing department announced
'send your comments' as if corps care money in one's online identity
2:00 am a yell from the porch a 911 call a car off the curve the chill
a nonhaiku-content fridge dies some of the contents ok for haiku
whatta week but today the thermometer hovers around freezing
sometimes i wonder if i make sense to anyone but myself sometimes
left out of the updated anthology update on haiku
no lights no tourists in the 'prince-of-peace land'
my quiet life i bring a world that doesn't work into it
cobwebs swept odor of sacred wood in the stove
across the bridge pointed toward town toyota pickup
candy so good i don't dare ask for the recipe
on the garden program the mixture not dirty enough to be soil
little jonbenet still dead in america little elian still alive in cuba
a good day nothing accomplished but unaccomplished haiku

Lynx 17:1 2002

one-line linked haiku 3     december 27-31 2000

toward home

toward home the mountain on the left moves to the right
bed now beside the computer anxious for a fresh notebook
'all politics is local' with well-placed relatives & 5 supremes
mike with the new part an ancient green fridge
at a scary part of the film scrape of the night plow
i take liberties in haiku only beyond my liberties
a tough life from clenched teeth to clenched fists
so far so good: electricity and telephone and spring water
the squirrel resettles between ceiling & flooring
fallen branches through the wood stove then back on the land
too early to wonder about seeds in a cardboard box under the table
one of the gang members a head taller than those in the lineup
japanese poets i sense prefer we write with american sensibilities
all the trees sold for a view from their double-wide set on a hill
deputies on the prowl for the combo of moonshine and black ice

half a hermit's glee stuff by post & thru a wire or two
a longer day the snow outlasts it by a foot
almost past midnight probably

Lynx 17:1 2002


one-line linked haiku 4       december 16-24 2001

far from

three years and counting a witch hangs politely
sucked in by another religion that kid from california
health and unemployment package dead in the water
arthritis here and there clouds cover these old mountains at dawn
if our spooks hadn't been asleep no 100-day marking of you-know-what
warmer in the kitchen but little interest in getting up a head of steam
from now until then the days longer whatever else might happen
in the valley just to say i was if only i'd better mulched the transplants
in a hurry to waste time a broken plate the second it's spotless
from a distance the pickup truck still red
high-powered speechwriter childlike speechifier
knock on plastic unaffected by the viruses going around
subdued in-flight strange sneakers with a man attached
the tumbling down date of jericho in ruins
a steady rain on the roof over my head
larger than life the dead pine full of pileated woodpecker holes
all the fat man's deer misnamed it's a patriarchal world everywhere
five or six number-&-letter groups for one dang html-colored page

33m male but not female reindeer shed their antlers before winter

Lynx 17:2 2002

one-line linked haiku 5    december 25-30 2001

a basket

a basket of clothes to the line the pins just beginning to thaw
a jar of peanut butter just for the wrens & other frequent flyers
imprisoned mother on drugs to justify society's pedestal ideal
i decide to do one thing end up doing another
the land imprinted within more to feel than to see
cave by cave what's a mother nature to do
what about our rensmate kris you think she's ok
behind the scenes hope i hope among the enemies
meanwhile back at the white ranch
unfortunately a gardening book opened a raised bed of tomatoes
'exercise common sense' dr scholl's shoes wait near the wood stove
fake social security number a deadbeat dad in the next county
a ball to fall a ball to kick two more potentially-bad days coming up
bored with the stash of so-i-won't-have-to-go-anywhere f
whatta joke one of the most violent countries praises its way of life
self-spooked i refrain from closing the can of worms
bedspread from my sixteenth year 'modern' design
winter solstice just keeps on giving

Lynx 17:2 2002

one-line linked haiku 6  december 29 2001-january 4 2002

repeated story

unfocused the poem slipped through
one of those days i'm older than i am
too cold to wash dishes too cold not to
if creosote hadn't run down the pipe's outside perhaps no house at all
do we watch 'times square' for what happens or what doesn't happen
lucky to be out-of-love a mind of irises and scrappy pieces of art
cheese with something those exercises when the climate turns over
doubts that the old toyota will start are deer pregnant in the valley
seven hundred forever owed on the broken mac winter's green grass
so many words sayable if i remember which
'latest development' he's still on the loose
bits of snow more than twice-bitten in this retreat
unbalanced checkbook for a jillion wobbly months
broken frames fixed with floss such intelligent eyes
dang 'em old translators screw basho but bad
the choice between this and that sometimes the choice of nothing
a walk on the tame side little shrubs follow the way of their curb
did a fly on one of walls file a report: the pet store now a pet clinic

Lynx 17:2 2002

one-line linked haiku 7     december 29 2001-january 4 2002

first snow therefore

first snow therefore first snow in therefore at home as usual

haiku book in english but i can't bear to find the right moment
a shrub's life 'not over my dead body will they raise your taxes'
mailbox farther down the blacktop below freezing
a nondrip-dry blanket hangs out as the roof drips dry
basho nor i base all form on a crow in autumn dusk
computer icons shy of those which mean hard work
hockey dad's son testifies to save his and his hides
the three faces of eve one's named jane
ice-melt will a 2000-year-old church truly root out its pedophiles
those far-off dirt patches i think of you and thank you my pretties
homemade soup well homemade in that i cut up the vegetables
run dick run or go deeper into that bunker investigations begin
what's with the weather have humans destroyed the seasons
almost a thousand bucks on the beagle the vet can't go figure
buddhas put up and taken down by extremists
repressed creativity repressed creatively
to be understood midwinter

18m 1957 film

Lynx 17:3 2002

one-line linked haiku 8   january 22-26 2002

storm headed this way

computer break leaves raked from nature icons
in the bowels of enron all this time dick with a shredder
ego written on the losing player's racket
the fire dies out a chill returns in the afternoon quarreling of crows
superiority and righteousness ingrained in the mouths of countries a to z
to make up for too many love & miss you poems i've turned to sarcasm
out of reach to the media the 'x-ray' camp of whatever they're called
a creature of the night up the wall to leftover bird seed on the ledge
a battery that won't go belongs to a woman who doesn't wanna go
bath color-combo only matisse could inspire
not more snow and more snow more rain and more rain
just a hard-hitting haiku with a romantic sunset
condit on the campaign trail did he become innocent
heaved from the earth the impatience of green and me
freedom of speech in a dry spell maybe on mondays
toward the full moon when even more clashes rise up in arms
juice from a grapefruit edge off a bunch of refuse-to-work things
accompanied by the splatter of mud to the little valley i crave

Lynx 17:3 2002

one-line linked haiku 9   january 27-february 1 2002


sixty-one new scans for the website idle hands
a moan and a couple of groans as i miss the sun
two-inch daffodil sprouts not likely to tame this shrew
steam rises from the pond footprints scuffled around the edge
bordered by little hills that only go up i forget to be on high alert
loyalty to one's right-or-wrong country the only brainwashing allowed
winter off track what will these early buds get for their effort
a quiet evening a few red walls in a red house somehow fitting
piles of leaves hand-raked from the primrose patches by the path
it's the economy dubya
roots 25th-anniversary rerun of the struggle to survive
next time i could tell him oh go fly a kigo
intrigue on the airwaves the eroticism of sabers
just across the road their brush fire out of control
a long day unable to think aloud or 'unaloud'
from habit just one meal a trout rises to the weather of an insect
eyes of the oxeye daisies in the jumble spring's to sort through
a cold snap in february but nothing planned re groundhog shadows

22m based on the book by Alex Haley

Lynx 17:3 2002

one-line linked haiku 10    march 14-19 2002

did dubya say

did dubya say bin could run but not hide or hide but not run
an ear to the sweet ground as nuke talk flies through the air
mushy haiku for the old editor who'd probably say not quite
taped to the door of the 'run-in' photos of dead deer
full of themselves two men shake hands
down the slick road backwards until tomorrow maybe
what's left of the sun on what's left of colored shirts
i've nothing new to say but slower at it
spooky how gods showed up
true to form after the yellow crocuses a bunch of purples
the tone of his speech borders on stupidity no doubt re the rest
back to capitalized nature if the rain weren't so capitalized
too early thoughts of hot pepper seeds in a napkin somewhere
feuding brothers more to feud about as one wants to build a bridge
my least favorite errand to leave the land for any reason
don't want a pardon but how 'bout a loan
'operation candyman' a pack of pedophiles busted
neat and clean again before reptiles and females

Lynx 17:3 2002

one-line linked haiku 11     august 1-14 2002

 weighted air

suspended from school with her 'war sucks' t-shirt
4m old ideas remain in the old-fashioned daylily
in a patch of soil only mother nature and i could love
wouldn't do 'til the world learned the found teenagers were raped
past midnight the computer wants another game of dominoes
hyped charges dropped he was overtaken by god not terrorism
new yellow bulb for the porch still moths flutter in their patterns
reflected at the pond's edge something within the milkweed family
too hot to talk too hot to listen most of the week goes by alone
'fight fire with fire' gone up in western flames
cut-back stems another inch toward winter
raw garlic and cucumbers how 'bout a big smooch
still in a bucket rescued irises
a somewhat bright thought falls on no one around
fingerprint the world just in case
identified flying object does she carry that spooky west nile virus
whatever the mainstream i'm up a creek with touch-me-nots
haiku chat group someone still clings to the work ethic of 5-7-5

2m) Katie Sierra

Lynx 17:3 2002

one-line linked haiku 12    august 14-19 2002

 cool mornings

cool mornings cool evenings the rest of august just plain august
new back tires over the rocky road into my backwoods life
'but wait there's more' in the tv offer & even a prize-winning haiku
water heater woes a small fortune for small germs
so dry salamanders have turned into lizards
another turnip story he points the way to a funny farm
50 years for the adolescent adolescent-killer
more thunder on the pond than moisture
almost light many things remain unclear
it hardly seems wild the boneset in flower again this year
what good news the mourning dove not in mourning at all
due to art and nature i've lost my direction in this world
a big salad from what began as a gleam in the eyes of spring
afghanistan the 51st state and looks like iraq could be the 52nd
unnerved a puppy into a house that needs no more situations
while the heavy fog burns off a downy
plan c don't do plan a or plan b
the valley overrun with itself

one-line linked haiku 13    august 18-24 2002

geranium blooms

unidentified orange fibers on her broken body
tired but a grinning kind of tired
will we return land to native and slave descendants
i startle a grouse by the branch which startles deer on the hillside
2 + 2 = 4 unless you count the duration of syllable or onji or mora
surrounded by goldenrods noon heat surrounded by goldenrods
as three verdicts flow guilty a small piece of the world feels right
stuck inside with government run-around agencies on the phone
in a dry spell compared to what went on and what came down
new pup digs my digs unplants my plants
'oldies but goodies' one of those decades gone missing
a sno-cone stand pays the way to college
an endless day a realtor and i talk acres and court
have you any private thoughts which need surveilled
hurricane andrew reviewed while they await a better one
to be on the safe side nature rewashes the sun-drenched clothes
'creationism' anything to undermine the intelligence of a cell
now that the fun is over the task of haiku written without meaning

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