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one-line linked haiku number one    march-october 1980

in winter rain

in winter rain we kiss dry my suitcase closed
a dream from fifteen years mother chasing me through corridors
no cure for anything only magic how you go down come up
sly one the paths you've found to my heart
your pen out of ink the poem left unfinished
unable to touch you pull my leg
before breakfast showering i swallow you
clouds drift your blue sock under the bed
200 million of you swimming
will you skip town if i am late this month
you wouldn't know the valley now i am alone in a circle of heat
drunk with another with long lenses we shoot the moon coming full
cave mouth the triangle again fills with dew of the night
inching toward me from your garden the 'hairy caterpillar'
moon dark at the gate we wipe vanilla ice cream off your pants
the party without you goosed
your head turned a mole i hadn't seen
awake before you first frost on the sugar maple

Frogpond 4:1 1981


one-line linked haiku number two    october 1980-april 1981

outside the window

all i have old who once wore these jeans
second joint passed around frost still frost
'form is form and emptiness is emptiness'
autumn evening after splitting wood his wedge
cold rain loose change collecting in a hidden mason jar
calling her son forest unmarried woman in the woods
his path to the bathroom to the juke box
'life hard' not zen not haiku she says to blinding snow
you patted me as i made pate alone tonight the oysters
nothing kinky she warns the new lover
kochi's black rocks i was so young at thirty
love is bigger than sin states the pope
how many zen monks to screw in a light bulb
cigarettes quitting almost
friday night too tired to delight in it
embraces of konarak '. . . nothing as within and nothing as without'
tho instructions with the new diaphragm are in plain english . . .
what i hold onto in these times tsuki and yama

tsuki and yama japanese moon and mountain

Frogpond 4:2 1981


one-line linked haiku number three     june 1981-may 1982

of nature

of nature: today's short sudden rain ending spring
two in my life one treated me good she says and he's dead
within the shadows the hard edge of a hard shadow
after six hours she removes the dead sperm
how much does your ex get
you mop and i'll split wood
naked in the beer
queen's palace tied heads blown off
snowed-in imagined sounds of coitus
last day of the year we gather wood to burn without you
paper bag the shape of a fifth drifts across the parking lot
no she says we'll sell the mercedes fire the driver and you learn to fuck
egg counter woman with 2 screaming kids husband laid-off
men have nothing to say to which he replied we've said too much already
equinox to come home to the budding moon
way back virgin meant unmarried
the world to cuss, grass seed to sow the talk at work of pink slips

Wind Chimes #8 1983


one-line linked haiku number four    february 1984-april 1985

how come mom

'how come mom' in thin rain 'everyone we know is poor'
androgyny like yin yang bad joke on a woman
first spring moon hair not just punked but dyked
he pulled out still i worry
family woman boy cat dog hen 2 goats
tchaikovsky's 5th on fm the heat
quarter moon water in my belly
biker's nothin free it's ass gas or grass
two men discuss how they wash dishes
4.8 billion expected to fit neatly into feminine into masculine
jesus said i have come to destroy the works of the female
a neighbor calls his cows hathor of long ago remains silent
the empty nail on the wall by the bed where your pants hang
foot of the mountain the pope lies about the rights of women
poem notebook full of statistics pull of the changing moon
at his reception our talk of white male
america a rape every 3 seconds
through the pines to the coven circle

Wind Chimes #17 1985


one-line linked haiku number five    july 1988-october 1989

in the middle of nature

in the middle of nature you open my shirt and kiss
all week bird-watching i've dreamed of being eaten
ceiling now purple above the bed my toes on the moon
love bites turning into bruises
blues program opens with a cum bucket song
if there were a tongue just above the penis
moon in june too romantic for my mood
it's never over even after i sing
slow rush of nature through my body
with the coming of spring will i still want you
there was a time booze form or sex washed troubles away
male fantasies of female fantasies of male fantasies
my-ongoing-male-put-down slowly my legs part for your mouth
sleeping together wasn't what i intended
no blue moon in a woman's calendar
the door key rehidden
with so little rain forest left our impermanence
i love my sense of humor or is it fuck sex
wonder what's become of summer's albino wren

Lynx winter 1989/90


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