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[w/suhni bell & cindy tebo]
2003 to present


one-line linked haiku 1     mid-march 2003

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a perfect candidate for an illegal war an illegal dubya
smoke-filled rooms mine not theirs
in a world of male inventions males
don't forget to write someone's rehashed version of a crow
global warning unable to warm a heart of oil
afraid to turn on the tv afraid not
after our winter tiff in love again with mother nature
crushed by an israeli bulldozer an american for peaceful homes
not a snake in ireland before the slashing of each
my forgetful mind a painful winter dissolves
a poem about 'shrub' who knows the way of haiku
'speak now or forever hold your peace' gone to pieces
now we know who's got a direct line to the wargod & it ain't the pope
i dare some god-he to come unearth and take me to a pie-in-the-sky
one-day trial kopp murder-quilty of a women's doctor
'all ye are like sheep who have gone astray' or something familiar
oh boy today's 'moment of truth' a liar's promise
18-year-olds turned into killers for want of a better word

raw nervz haiku--------

one-line linked haiku 2     april 22 2003


a discarded color of america france finds a voice
when a woman will sing in a world unlikely to want all her words

nina simone 1933-2003

lynx 8:3 2003


one-line linked haiku 3     april 30 2003

earth wars

my anti-war poems just plain dull beside their anti-americanism
male aggression not since time began since male time began

anti-war haiku wall

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