marlene mountain
one-line linked haiku
mm links
[w/ruth yarrow and mike yarrow]


one-line linked haiku   c april 1986-january 1989

spring begins

anath slays mot and revives baal spring begins
insistent chiggers & repressive policies of the government
star wars a good rain a loan to the dentist when god was a woman
wish i had known when young 1-20 crones like i am now
the conversation turns to welfare cheese
whitehouse a lie another lie another lie another lie another
1st the good news grocery meat kills 6 americans a day
dr helen: men--physicians for social responsibility--did me in
patri a woman can't get too radical archy
new goal slightly infamous and above the poverty level
prefer descent from a female ape than from a male rib
winter night a long look back to look at now
another committee for another [run-a]round of talks
sexism of a field guide to the birds

Lynx sp/sum 1991

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