marlene mountain
one-line linked haiku


jan bostok     marlene mountain

one-line linked haiku      july 1993-september 1995
(8/10/10/8 pattern)

the sound of large bird feet

fifteen years one constant friend the mountain
down under she sees up and beyond
pain from the body rarely comes through her mind
no write-alike that big woman
sunny morning sound of large bird feet on the tin roof
has there ever been a man better than a banana
mountain warm welcoming always even through autumn mist
mother even to her lovers

jan's real life poems fly across the wide sea look out
seasons of pain more punishing than nature's
so much in common with another woman rare as she is
'social security notice' insecurity inhumanity
'you gotta have heart . . . when the odds are saying . . .'
her last kindness for him silence
not as obscure as she thinks feels responds to life
her creative tides lapping a foreign shore

there's baby grandson to listen to understand or is there
creativity the acceptable madness

long term remembered for her content rather than her form
'just say no' to nerves just say yes to nervyness
fought for women's rights now her own rights just begun
puts up with put downs temporarily
weight shifting to finish her works the waiting not easy
not 'as good as others' gooder
self doubts from the greatest what then can i expect
'tweed two'
back into it nature talks to her straight up
eyes weak yet clear wordvisions

me & jan 'seen it done it been there' & more's a-coming
memory we giggle over erotic japanese art
petty politics control thru 'spirit' will break your heart
spring revival goddess roars from out of her art
poor circulation she circulates flowing 'ku flowing high
big woman big city creates big acclaim
yet another bump in the road to absorb the shock handily handled
another life another time watch out for us


Raw Nervz Haiku 3:2 1996

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