marlene mountain
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marlene mountain      carlos colon

linked one-line haiku  november 11 2001-september 6 2002

a sky without rain

a sky without rain how we learned to live with terrorism & love it
nearly dusk the jagged edges of clouds
flat-out cold a chickadee chick-a-dee-dees with another
hai noon shootout at the kigo corral
a door hangs on a honey-tongued hinge might & right on the loose
frat-boy breakfast waffles swimming in budweiser

professor renkuk ponders why the word 'long' is shorter than 'short'
his face lifted the brain remains in place
home mechanic broken shower curtain rod holding the hood up
shade-tree government and its shady shadow
now they tell us it's closed the new office of disinformation
how much did that cost two men shake hands & sit down
click of the waitperson's pen no one reaching for the check
still at it the lonely grouse and his base drum
another casino on an indian reservation distant thunder
home from rome the red and blacks with grey areas
handpicked by jesus but still a weed among the wheat
flowered the scratchy green

nature imitates 'high coup hai ku' a crow in the pond
plop plop sizz sizz lemon-flavored frog legs
late frosts into what we thought was drought a downpour into sun
again defense attorneys giving the innocent a bad name
without permission irises dug up for dirts unknown to the masses
speed limit she considers it an average of how fast she goes
in a lull with all things summerish not over being under the weather
heigh-ho off to work on a bright ribbon of asphalt
corporations fall 'playboy' with oodles of money to ogle the women
da do enron ron da doo enron'
as if to footnote a long dog day katydids take over the moon
bemedaled generals 'just war theory' still just war

college-bound yet still calling her by each nickname i ever gave her
'amber alert' somehow homegrown tomatoes fall flat
my collective ambitions one more stake through the heart
thoughts against the wrong-wing grain be mum or else
weakest link in the chain the perils of the penultimate poet
a flight of fancy as a leaf slides into an early autumn

11c office of strategic influence
17c paraphrasing father peter mangum
28c with apologies to 'the crystals'

Pressence #19

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