marlene mountain
one-line linked haiku


marlene mountain     jeanne jorgensen

one-line linked haiku   march 13-april 2 2002

a phoebe calls

a phoebe calls its name and i can't help but repeat it
a loving embrace and then 'good night'
brighter outlook for the chives as the sun comes full bloom
almost spring but still in the throes of winter
their lifestyle exposed parents of the little girl found dead
more facts than i'll ever need to know

husband away she spends her day writing poetry calling a friend
between me and purple crocuses uphill rain
darndest storyteller ceiling fan spins the wind drowns out her voice
after the press conference a clammy lied-to feeling
another round of influenza either run for the biffy or chills and fever
more pins from the indoor line move into the weather
country teahouse such a cold day for March such a warm fragrance
the old bridge torn down still attached to it
high wire act two squirrels chase each other along the telephone line
stuck not in the mud i feared but just stuck
that exotic look one by one gluing tiny crystals along her eyelids
first butterfly where will it hide in predicted snow

a frozen tomorrow for this morning's evening primroses so red
airline hassles brother over IDs his heated anger
one of the worries escapes in the shape of a hill rolling off at dusk
stomped on mouse so many in sister's basement
a jillion tadpoles do what they do in a perfect hole in the ground
drilling for oil this time a gusher
freedom of speech dampened by the drought of my forgetfulness
she tries to remember what to pack trip south
hard to take for granted all these things that appear before may 10th
on Tuesday funeral for my old high school teacher
a violent road to peace especially when that's not what it's about
mixed messages all media monopolies

Easter Sunday gathering the true meaning of colored eggs the Cross
nothing like it a crow commotion in the pines
April Fool six new inches of slush an Arctic chill about to pounce
like a wilted salad but i trust each green will recover
750 people celebrate one man's life his tearful wife hardly aware
i blinked first and the deer take off


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