marlene mountain
one-line linked haiku


marlene mountain     jeanne jorgensen

one-line linked haiku   may 28-june 12 2002

a second wind

a second wind the old climbing rose finds a few buds to bloom
spring is here at last late May
the heat creeps into the conversation into haiku at night
a migraine after too much sun too little water?
roots deeper into the earth in search of a long-ago rain
Mother's biography time for an update

half of the newspaper advertising the rest . . . 'The Game of Life'
with all legs now last year's tadpoles
after just five days of hot weather dandelions everywhere!
a bit on edge late frosts and terror warnings
home from a family visit the peace and quiet of our back yard
wrapped up in itself the sweet pea vine
clothes drying on the line a west breeze tangles the aprons and bras
14m all the curtains left closed on the humidity
she is awoken by chills . . . later a 2-hour 'nap' . . . much better
i overstayed and a wood thrush passed through
long ago a misunderstanding today as we meet almost strangers
perfectly clear lots of money to have our privacy invaded

predatory values in 'democratic' lingo peepers take over at dusk
fledgling falls from its nest she leaves it be
after the storm the bamboo settle into slightly different grooves
so many times now the moon overcast
an early start before the hills release the hanging mists
robin pulling worms sprinkler on
food for thought rocks gathered to hold onto the cucumber dirt
nightmares a train that won't wait
energy left in bed until the dark pink of a stolen yarrow
a soothing cup of camomile tea friends
when little josh leaves a million glasses and spoons to wash
house newly renovated bare feet only

a very pregnant squirrel round and round our garage doors closed
world 'sex trade' hardened new growth of the pines
all of the stuff between husbands and wives kisses arguments
guest room overtaken by unreadable paintings
woman mutters to herself as she hoes weeds that never seem to die
the stagnant day thickens the pond

7j an adult board game

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