marlene mountain
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jean jorgensen     marlene mountain

one-line linked haiku   
january 20-february 3 2002

curtains partially drawn

curtains partially drawn the old cat peers into darkness falling snow
friends in a front-wheel drive into a hermit's life
the Golden Globe Awards anything to get the attention of a camera
no longer a pretty site the littered creek
in his forties now rock star with most of his body 'tucked' or 'bleached'
soggy leaves raked from what appears

just not right but all kinds of green poke into my winter-worn eyes
a pair of sunglasses on the little blind boy
nail holes in the wrong places centuries of out-and-out lies continue
newspaper editorials influenced by its wealthy owner
money talks more than it listens i wonder what the crows hear
winter wind all of the sparrows huddle in the spruces
warm snap the dead weight of a dead battery pushed into takeoff mode
elderly aunt's funeral regardless of the weather
full of the ancient moon when women created images of each other
abundant bellies and breasts anorexia a futurist's word
with no bin laden the american demonized and rushed to judgment
somebody has to take the rap mercenaries everywhere

having destroyed a country in whose image will it be politicized?
tubers heaved during the cold guided into their new mud
nuthatch upside down at the feeder another frigid morning
one clean coffee cup just enough for tomorrow
answering e-mail told dusting must be done then he will vacuum
neglected the rough road farther into nature rougher
after the bath fragrant lotions on her smooth, white skin silky powders
as stars appear the tangled lemon tree
living with schizophrenia he tries to sort out reality from delusions
there's considerable more to fear than fear itself
on the prowl coyote made bold by hunger comes closer to the farmyard
neighbor's brush fire blackens the pale land

a mossy stone slips into the pond newts paddle to the sunny edge
mosquitoes and flies none for now but soon
the promise of spring no doubts that mother nature's word is good
daylight hours now getting longer violets in bloom
in a rare blue mood the commercialism of groundhogs rears its head
Mom's homemade noodles family gathering


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