marlene mountain
one-line linked haiku


marlene mountain     jeanne jorgensen

one-line linked haiku   february 4-17 2002

everyday haiku

everyday haiku some of winter rubs off in a short string of words
her grandma's necklace breaks pearls all over
pregnant wife of american hostage danny says take me instead
Canadian military hand in hand with the U.S.A.
plans for the foxgloves on hold while nature dallies in february
not much snow this winter fear of drought this spring

another concern war and unrest in the Middle East riots in Argentina
do-gooders give sweeping orders to shoot and mop up
disaster still evident traces of crude oil along Alaska's shore
capitalistic values in bed with money is god
hope for the world super virus may one day eliminate all of mankind
so many women killed so many crime shows to prove it
for awhile the cat purrs as he cuddles against me the newspaper unread
comfortable in most of my skin a mountain view
baking cookies in the garden window primulas and an epiphyte in bloom
lots of things alive in the computer painting
surprise sister-in-law gives me a dresser scarf lovingly embroidered
tired of undone house chores in plain sight

unsettling this long stretch between the rake and the trowel
strutting the runway models with blank faces
frenzy in the shallow pond as more frogs come out of nowhere
obsolete satellite the sky is falling the sky is falling!
blown from the truck bed debris headed for the compost heap
wedding bells instead of confetti we throw bird seed
old poems he denied posted to correct the myth created without
boy reads spooky stories too scared to fall asleep
new alert the attorney general accused of crying a 4-legged animal
police scour a pig farm for bodies 50 prostitutes missing
chemical imbalance or the liberation movement or just plain evil
gentleman to the end the top hat in his casket

Valentine's Day the flowers that she didn't receive maybe next year
true love as the forsythias heat up
sun so bright yet Mom dresses warmly before she takes her daily walk
yak yak yak on tv while the land gets a good soaking
husband so entranced a nuthatch upside down pecking at the feeder
ragged blue straight through the pampas grass 


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