marlene mountain
one-line linked haiku


jean jorgensen   marlene mountain

one-line linked haiku    august 31 1997-november 10 2000

fame . . .

fame . . . the paparazzi give . . . they take away
'money is the' father's sperm 'of politics'
autumn ramble--the farm where she was born deserted now
off in cold rain for steroid injections
'click' of a gun . . . young mule deer dies in mid-stride
power-outage locked in the computer my new life

toughened up again by nature no prayers need to be said
disabled poet--teaches me courage
'she & the president have discussed the former intern at length'
just the hyena's laughter
ants in my pants for the garden with butterflies and ants
after a 2-day rain--bouquet of scents
diamond-shaped is viagra forever or the proverbial 2 minutes
exhausted by the heat . . . pack of mules
hard to understand haiku-types who understand haiku
inspired by the falling snow
put off by the output of nonnature-based millennium scares
'boo . . . that'll teach ya!'

industry . . . loathe to listen . . . slow to learn
i like violence says the six-year-old boy
so many people in the newspaper another 'unholy' war
someday old herstory will repeat herself
'. . . and go 'round and 'round and 'round in the circle game'
tax dollars for an old man in space to brag on god
'penny for your thoughts,' he says then changes channels
'he died loving what he was doing' philosophy i guess
another 'nip 'n' tuck job' the image in the mirror never lies
are they eating crow and cans of y2k corn
twelve days later 'bending' her New Year's resolution
long snow-in over no place i really want to go

maybe too old for all the seasons i'll take spring and salt
nothing like it the scent of lilacs
cool rain my troubles recycled in the warmth of nature
the swaying grasses . . . meadowlark's call
up early just to move sticks from one place to another
she lights the fireplace no more

4m) tmj therapy  9m) cnn  23j) joni mitchell 24m) john glenn  26m) a student's
father after texas a & m 'bonfire' tragedy

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