marlene mountain
one-line linked haiku


marlene mountain    jean jorgensen

one-line linked haiku    august 3-23 2001

a gardener's blues

a gardener's blues along with the pinks whites and yellows
not a care in the world busy hummingbird
anything to hang a hat on the male version of yin/yang august heat
bus stop pregnant lady rests on a bench
evening news the president still wrinkled over stem cells and such
well into the night a sudden thunderclap

a chance happening downtown when the royal couple takes a walkabout
flora & fauna the many military & religious names i'd change
St. Christopher medal around his neck rookie long-distance trucker
was she taken for a ride the 100-day missing chandra
just fooling around can get you in trouble nine months later a baby boy
so many rules of grammar a bath of humidity
folk festival as the sun goes down a hot-air balloon slowly rises
thoughts wander to a watermelon in the fridge
four days of 'world music' so many loving vibes good for the soul
insecurity in the middle east plenty of rocks & bombs
part of life our housecat catches a young sparrow then plays with it
sounds like mine a neighbor's talk of deer

after the flash flood trash and fence wires caught in a creek of rocks
'Moulin Rouge' Mom weeps for her lost love
the last daylily bloom melts on the line clothes pins begin to dry
husband builds a patio deck ignores the mosquitoes
a roof that leaks floors that sag walls that let in nature these 30 years
mostly for show now Indian teepees in city square
white man's liquor and religion and 'beefalo' the revenge of tobacco
awakened by a migraine sick sick sick
noncreative streak at least some of the flower patches partly weeded
free trade freer for U.S. than Canada?
someone's come up with art & someone's come up with suppression
hand-embroidered quilt a gift from Grandma

all night rain this morning a large footprint deep in the sand
where to turn what to do next with no goals
before she falls asleep a silent prayer of thanksgiving . . . healing
katy and the dids scrape a bit of pain from my legs
path beside the river a young man on a motorized scooter
wild iris trapped in the park the heat to snitch a clump

Lynx 17:1 2002

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