marlene mountain
one-line linked haiku

marlene mountain    jean jorgensen

one-line linked haiku   february 6-24 2001

late winter

late winter in a mountain hollow where else would i wanna be
dancing in the Follies Bergere
'young girl' somehow means any female until she's lost her 'looks'
juggling clown  washes off his makeup
rough hands from the earth a small butterfly which needs no name
city woman  trying to look casual in the country bar

movie stars wed  the house a sea of cream colored roses  pink satin bows

finally in one of the bare trees a nuthatch meets its voice
full moon  below the grain-filled bird feeder  jack rabbit cleaning up spills
just to jump in the pickup and be in the valley
morning ritual  yoga exercises  reading a book by candlelight
eating patterns of hannibal embedded in his body
nephew's baptism  how much water to wash away the sins of man?
not a plan in sight the darkness just beginning
Vienna under the stars  driving for hours just looking for this hotel
by an old apple tree fresh dirt at the mouth of a den
mother cat  all five kittens hauled under the old house  safe from the dogs
scratch 'imus in the morning' stupid talk in any time zone

off to mexico in a big plane 'our' non-prez of the united states of america
feeling a little better  she shops for a new bicycle
just tips of the tulips my 'bigfoot' toes larger than the deer's 'bigfoot' toes
laughing my head off  'cause it feels so good
money to be had in haikuland if you know a path to take someone down
Mom works the bingo  Dad plays the horses
cold wind across the swollen creek dishes in the sink remain in the sink
skies so blue  sun so bright and warm
computer drawings the two-peaked mountain shape always a red
he mulls over a crossword puzzle  leaves it blank
top network execs before a government committee free air time to brag/lie
'nya, nya . . . teacher's pet'  schoolgirl taunted by her 'peers'

forthcoming provincial election  voting for the working man's party . . . maybe
counterspy in the infamous paranoid building
viewing blood samples  under the microscope  the Ebola virus
hard to appreciate past eons the bias of 'manthropology'
first snow since Christmas  buried in its white purity . . . airborne pollutants
more women with depression than men duh


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