marlene mountain
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jean jorgensen     marlene mountain

one-line linked haiku     october 11-26 2002

at our house

Thanksgiving at our house how will kids travel through snow?
right on schedule a war to practice for the next
the antique clock banished to the kitchen no one gets up early
too cool for the garden i wash last night's salad bowl
most of the trees now golden . . . still pansies and clematis in bloom
a grasshopper's sudden flight perhaps not to itself

darkness floats from the porch onto the land comes back darker
she lights a small candle turns to her lover
in a folder the poems older than the writer and subject of desire
he is lowered 3 miles down studies origins of life
a steady rain another woman killed by a man for the detectives
lost in her memories better than watching movies
a 3rd blanket unpacked and spread out a carolina wren's quick note
patiently, patiently son paints a watercolor
'atlantis' returns to earth an autumn glow on the toadstools
comics in the newspaper nothing otherworldly
a holier-than-thou pope protects the holier-than-thou pedophiles
St. Christopher's medal swings as he drives

one of these days a full moon such a dry year with so little to harvest
'nature whispers to me 'welcome home' i am so happy'
all afternoon we talk sister-in-law things never before mentioned
fog chooses a few reds to wrap around
so grey outside an ideal time to visit with Ayla and Jondalar
his find of a gentian almost missed forever
rare tillandsias in the bay window will rest now until spring
trial run of the wood stove and thoughts that go with it
Mother sews Halloween costumes toddler bangs on pots and pans
croned in a cabin since roamed by snake skins
model wears a mink coat to the symphony the jeers of so many
elvis sweatshirt the way we were young

a friend from '62 calls a romance we didn't know how to have
never too late let's try again
a warm spell iris leaves pull a few more inches from the ground
that in-between time . . . freeze . . . melt
strong voices for the 'underpeople' a fallen plane in minnesota
the sniper's rifle now silent radio off

20m japanese woman recently released from north korea
23j characters from the novel The Shelters of Stone by Jean Auel
35m senator wellstone, family members, staff, crew

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