marlene mountain
one-line linked haiku



jean jorgensen     marlene mountain

one-line linked haiku     september 12-25 2002

september morning

cool September morning out back a squirrel gathers spruce cones
dogwoods with a changed tone of voice
husband on the couch his favorite opera music his favorite tenor
huddled in dust cukes wait on rain from 'hanna'
Mom excited about tomorrow's bus trip asks 'Are you packed yet?'
on the way back ox-eye daisy not seen on the way

in just which palace would they find saddam or one of his doubles
a bomb shelter for government leaders dismantled
since they won't fix the big world i'll stay in my rundown little world
moon will soon be full just a bit of glory
a lot to take in all the sounds that hover between dusk and dawn
not much effort at all cleaning up the graves
death verdict for the child-killer less years to fantasize his deeds
conceived in ecstasy their eldest daughter
after the pot bust feet of the undercover agents held to the fire
satisfied with his marks honors student's little grin
i finally remembered to take along a notebook but wrote nothing
the worst part about these pills memory loss

glasses where she left them on the desk smashed by some smart-ass
war in his eyes as touch-me-not pods empty out
new garden doors we watch the birch tree shaken by the wind
sun-cracked earth follows my every move
almost the first day of autumn outside golden leaves gray skies
drip-dry clouds a mourning cloak makes the purple rounds
rhubarb cake in the oven son and his girlfriend discuss their wedding
tomatoes as if the dirt had no other purpose
chickadee at the birdfeeder otherwise our yard strangely quiet
with large wings something flaps deeper into the woods
a murder mystery on TV she doesn't watch the really scary parts
after america owns iraq then it could own iran

black gold in 'them thar hills' but more energy out of the blue
home run the crowd stands and cheers
hit and miss haiku as the internet provider tries to authenticate
neighbour in her nineties her antique house
aches and pains snippets of conversations in the grocery store
a body rub and a glass of brandy soothes the soul

4m tropical storm 'hanna'
24m mourning cloak butterfly


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