marlene mountain
one-line linked haiku


michelle v lohnes       marlene mountain

one-line linked haiku six   may17-september 5 1999

hollow behind bare knees

the hollow behind bare knees moist heat of summer
so far the transplanteds have taken
tornado mornings finding my verandah in the next county
in the old days i wrote miss you poems
adolescent tears ending straddled by long eyelashes
anger because his hero lost the game

creativity of marilyn manson blamed by creationists
finding a sliver of light on my thigh
have yet to see the techno-effects of the first 'star wars'
driving east the glint off dashboard spider webs
afternoon nap now disoriented and that odd feeling of guilt
twilight stillness erasing the day
hopelessly intertwined america's violence and press freedom
moonlight tangled in the overgrown sumac
in the little-bitty mosquito pond five little frogs so far
handprint in blue paint reminder of childhood
braces on my private teeth to please a never-pleased parent
exclusive golf club look out barbed wire tops the fence

cast-iron moon tilted weight suspended above her sculpture

alleyways dumps anything rusty catches my fancy
beneath his bed an old lightswitch and a giant marble
first watermelon of spring unseasonably cold
handful of buttercups left to wilt through bench slats
no jail for fagan a 'napper of daughters
hollow sounds of thunder through the empty house
his books my books our books untouched alike
closing up for self preservation silence too loud
investment ad: her time horizon had lengthened
short gasps of breath the heat holds dense air shoulder high
french open the wind the third player

my reflexes slower than winter solstice in a woman's year
faded by sun exposure hibiscus quivers and folds
'pbs' pr: if we won't do it who will mm pr: i'm trying
nice to be thought of still struggling but alive
but this fall a desire to fall for fall flowers and fall dirt
second growth lavender sways with evening breezes


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