marlene mountain
one-line linked haiku


marlene mountain     michelle v lohnes

one-line linked haiku three    january 4-march 26 1999


on the moon

'gross insensitivity to beliefs . . human remains on the moon'
bone worn driftwood curves into the dunes
jagged things appear in the snow that hangs around the shed
strung on a bent nail-- crystal teardrop
a thin pane of nothing between birds at the feeder and me
news flash...dust clouds surrounding planets

cold night my shovel scrapes a path through the silence
possums on the tin roof trash bags i thought safe
discarded pines brown needles drop in piles along the curb
millennium smillennium
missing the art show old calendar still hangs on the wall
'teen-age mom barred' from honor society
target practice 'no trespassing' sign full of holes
bible-inspired web site fake blood & hit-list
silken threads spun between rose bud and thorn

wallpaper music tonight its emotional tug
old man's profile edges outward shadows in peeling layers
afternoon nap the guilt of cozy quilts

short-term memory loss fuses with middle-term memory loss
fingertips trace feathered prints in rock
older than 'lucy' of course the dig-guys hope it's a guy
string tied to stakes for climbing beans
when 'long tall sally' was in i still can't dance a lick
closet cleaning red spike heels unworn in the box
'two brides 97 ministers in lesbian protest wedding' 68 & 63
hand-painted sign trimmed in white organza
whatever it hides the sales pitch is 'not from concentrate'
aquarium life transparent eggs beneath jagged rocks
'honor killing' her brother proud he did it ashamed of her
blood-lines blurred with each half sibling

stark night -- edges softened through fogged windows
massive systems crash fixed humbled now by chills
icy roof heaves resonant cracks unseen above our heads
fragmented mind some spots of green in ungreen spots
jigsaw puzzle thousand piece forest strewn over the table
whether flowers bloom the odor of earth in my ears


1m) navajo president albert hale and mm  29m) incident in pakistan

The Art of Haiku 2000


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