marlene mountain
one-line linked haiku

marlene mountain   hal roth

one-line linked haiku     june 5 1998-march10 200

a foot taller

my run-down life with no waterfall yet a foot taller than issa's
a short break between affairs
her only distinguishing remark his distinguishing marks
friend's arrest for spousal assault
a spade a spade i change the religious name of the wildflower
un-american to hate summer he says

thunderstorm warning shadow of her breasts on the kitchen wall
no eggs in my basket evening cool
waking shivering the dream repeated again and again and again
school's out school's out teachers let the shooters out
at the head of the picket line it's the fuckin' principle she says
4-minute speech parsed by unforgiving christians etc
always the lions make the killing bulls to bears or bears to bulls
'umbrella group' no longer means a group of umbrellas
no rain in sight I sweat and sweat while the speaker rambles on
back home no purse no glasses just ideas giggling to subvert
a lie and then another lie the moon hidden now behind a cloud
unable to plan for the future anymore than the past

old tiresome inadequate & incorrect definition for my keen moment
viagra it came to me in a flash
mail carrier the only one around here who pushes the envelope
starr's out still an hour till dark
i learn more than i want to know from a sex-toy catalog for guys
a rubber clinton mask on her bedpost
local news 'police turn to religion to crack some tough cases'
bible week blocked by aclu
in another move toward freedom i take up the time of friends
as if we could waste time without injuring eternity
rocks and dirt rearranged today's accomplishment just to get up
more weather coming and i'm near dead from the last

i would have sent you a valentine but the macintosh crashed

a world full of troubles a turn inward toward mine
she suggests as the reason i do what i do legacy posterity insanity
of all the worse really big deals in an oval office past
another friend lost the handwriting on the wall clearer every day
unable to do anything in the house i die for nature

1) after issa: two-foot waterfall it too makes music and is cool
28) henry david thoreau


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