marlene mountain
one-line linked haiku
1980/83? abandoned

rod willmot   cor van den heuvel   marlene mountain

one-line linked haiku   october 1980-december 1982

saying something inaudible
[order of linking: rw cvdh mm]

saying something inaudible, she lifts a blazing marshmallow
shadows fly between her breasts
last of the berry picking  last of the thorns
her bright nails click among the keys
through the fugue, St George's rain-dimmed stained glass sword gleams
another uranium leak fifteen miles from home
an empty smudged glass her fingers restless on the credit card
his mustache twitches
a fat man pokes into the weeds with an umbrella
rusted solid -- a mound of two-inch nails
a few pipes stick up out of the cement into the cold sunlight
flagman ahead' a woman
harsh over the walky talky, 'ruffles of pink chiffon'
the bloodhounds start baying on the ridge
romance in the tongue in the lips this winter night
in the saxman's pockets all his old reeds
light from the scalpel flashes in the brain cavity
excised the moslem girl awaits marriage
turmeric-yellowed water  fragrance clings to her palm
the mirror's backing flaking away
at the stand eight year old boys flip through hustler magazine
popsicles broken on the counter edge
spikes spinning splintering chrome flaring street glare
asleep in the dumpster crushed
i wake at noon  a bowl of cold grapes on the balcony

Haiku Canada Sheet 1988/89
a broadsheet of Haiku Canada

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