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probably 'real' renga sorta

francine porad     marlene mountain   

one-line linked haiku 9  january 27-february 1 2002


telephone wires loaded with first snow and conversation
sixty-one new scans for the website idle hands
seated in front of the monitor what happened to yesterday
a moan and a couple of groans as i miss the sun
pan group tightwad circles on his but we love him just the same [sic]
two-inch daffodil sprouts not likely to tame this shrew

steam rises from the pond footprints scuffled around the edge
mottled mounds of ice like some outer-space landscape
bordered by little hills that only go up i forget to be on high alert
somewhere in Afghanistan? Marci's pilot friend
loyalty to one's right-or-wrong country the only brainwashing allowed
I ignore politics today a passion for trees
winter off track what will these early buds get for their effort
living room-dining room-kitchen-and-hall walk around
a quiet evening a few red walls in a red house somehow fitting
new paintings in a row for my appraisal
piles of leaves hand-raked from the primrose patches by the path
a light dusting of flakes on dampened flagstone

tempting groceries from a big shopping spree dinner at 4:00 p.m.
it's the economy dubya
the duty of citizenship patriotism is not a four-letter word
roots 25th-anniversary rerun of the struggle to survive
to know oneself list 10 defining moments 7 choices made 5 people
next time i could tell him oh go fly a kigo
should I start a haiku with 'dead of winter' or 'borne on the breeze'
intrigue on the airwaves the eroticism of sabers
discussion of lovemaking for one...lovemaking for two and three
just across the road their brush fire out of control
tantrum a little kid kicks her mom's hand off the steering wheel
a long day unable to think aloud or 'unaloud'

from habit just one meal a trout rises to the weather of an insect
photos of stream steelhead in Fishing News
eyes of the oxeye daisies in the jumble spring's to sort through
neighbor's gift plant clumps surround our yard
a cold snap in february but nothing planned re groundhog shadows
Valentine's Day along with love Maui sunshine

22m based on the book by Alex Haley
23f Dr. Phil McGraw, Self Matters: Creating Your Life From Inside Out

Lynx 17:3 2002

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