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probably 'real' renga sorta

francine porad       marlene mountain

one-line linked haiku 4       december 16-24 2001

far from

far from falling bombs American flags replaced with Christmas lights
three years and counting a witch hangs politely
'Wicca' and the word 'victim' in English have the same derivation
sucked in by another religion that kid from california
Thai gardeners available December 25th to wrap up the year
health and unemployment package dead in the water

arthritis here and there clouds cover these old mountains at dawn
psychic message of sadness received but from whom
if our spooks hadn't been asleep no 100-day marking of you-know-what
hot spots alphabetically: Afghanistan, Argentina...
warmer in the kitchen but little interest in getting up a head of steam
Jacuzzi preferred to a Mexican gecko in the shower
from now until then the days longer whatever else might happen
brass-monkey cold under regular clothes 'jammies
in the valley just to say i was if only i'd better mulched the transplants
To Do list: geranium starter plants in decorator pots
in a hurry to waste time a broken plate the second it's spotless
Jeff's immaculate home in Bend, OR and his new number

winter wind pigeons relocate to the 72nd SE telephone wires
from a distance the pickup truck still red
news of John Walker I expect Bernard will 'bah-humbug' all day
high-powered speechwriter childlike speechifier
Stephanie's e-mail: hi Grandma I love your pantings they are pritty
knock on plastic unaffected by the viruses going around
steering clear of sneezes, runny noses and those with sore throats
subdued in-flight strange sneakers with a man attached
Person of the Year choice in simplistic terms good versus evil
the tumbling down date of jericho in ruins
shave and a haircut popular with Taliban dissidents in Kabul
a steady rain on the roof over my head

larger than life the dead pine full of pileated woodpecker holes
darting little birds crest of a Steller's jay
all the fat man's deer misnamed it's a patriarchal world everywhere
geezer shorthand I coin IIRR for IM's on AOL
five or six number-&-letter groups for one dang html-colored page
worthwhile project gift glows in firelight

21f American Taliban terrorist
27f Rudy Giuliani, New York City Mayor [versus bin Laden]

33m male but not female reindeer shed their antlers before winter
34f *IIRR=if I'm remembering rightly; IM=Instant Message;
AOL=America Onlin

Lynx 17:2 2002

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