marlene mountain
one-line linked haiku

hiroaki sato          marlene mountain

one-line linked haiku number two    october 1980-april 1981


outside the window

Outside the window a shower of leaves: longing from the past
all i have old who once wore these jeans
mother who mended my shirts, now a pot of ashes
second joint passed around frost still frost
before becoming steady I must become steady
'form is form and emptiness is emptiness'

autumn evening after splitting wood his wedge
divorce agreed upon, the house still stared
cold rain loose change collecting in a hidden mason jar
childhood dream fondly remembered
calling her son forest unmarried woman in the woods
she, and that one passionate night
his path to the bathroom to the juke box
eyes glazed, still trying to entertain
'life hard' not zen not haiku she says to blinding snow
the sparrows are all at someone else's feeder
you patted me as i made pate alone tonight the oysters
doing to her what she did to me

late night farewell kisses: disparate thoughts
nothing kinky she warns the new lover
smell of garlicky mussels, called crow clams in Japan
kochi's black rocks i was so young at thirty
here you ran away to him after briefly succumbing
love is bigger than sin states the pope
the egg has feathers the chicken three legs
how many zen monks to screw in a light bulb
they walk around the hall after trying not to think
cigarettes    quitting    almost
the way they smoke in the office, I've developed an allergy
friday night too tired to delight in it

embraces of konarak '. . . nothing as within and nothing as without'
'my barbarian organ' says the note
tho instructions with the new diaphragm are in plain english . . .
they were clear, but I couldn't understand
what i hold onto in these times tsuki and yama

Frogpond 4:2 1981

tsuki and yama japanese moon and mountain


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