marlene mountain
one-line linked haiku

marlene mountain   alexis rotella   ruth yarrow

one-line linked haiku   february-september 1983

a linked poem
[order of linking: mm ar ry]

don't come to me with that talk of japanese haiku
this goddess writes what she needs to write
her ballpoint stabbing the word missile
while she's open he removes all he thinks he can get by with
women are not made of mud
reaching high the small girl shapes a snowwoman
raped two hours on a pool table
with a saintly face he hands me a line   trout splash
flicking off his speech on star war weapons  the glowing dot
tired barb says of hearing how boys grow up to be men
bombs it's a man's world all right
into her skinned knee just a speck of plutonium
enriched reads the plastic bread wrapper
give a man a smile and he thinks you're all his
crooning arms control he erects his MX
god's not dead he's alive and a real prick
Buddha was god  so was Hitler
beyond the hugh statue a few leaves lift
knock off his nose and take back the world woman
satori  sewing buttons on all his shirts
nuclear plant lie-in   sun fills her bellybutton
not coming if your dance isn't the revolution

22m) after emma goldman

Wind Chimes #11 1984

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