marlene mountain
one-line linked haiku


marlene mountain   jane reichhold   werner reichhold

one-line linked haiku    september 27 1989-june 14 1990

purple femail box


on the bad curve my purple femail box run over again -m
skinhead's thrill banging an old one -j   
Ave Maria  played on drums -w
she said over and over men ought to be off the streets at seven -m
man in the moon out  all cocks taken inside -j
prostitute's interest bills paid -w
prices going up  lace panties worn high  on the hip -w
paintings thick with blood & cunt & crone -m
the gallery door opens  light on ancient hills -j
from the space a wall drawing in all directions an installation -w
women's words spreading to women -m
deep in a cave  sacred symbol -j
lightning  the goddess' signature  not identified -w
we've reclaimed our sky for ourselves -m
falling down on our backs  the reign of rain -j
shedding a skin  the year of the snake  repeats a pattern -w
nature rots beneath the wind -m
our mother  who is the earth -j
mountain woman  cadence of highlands  in her breasts -j
half-opened lips  breathing the oracle -w
center core of female feelings -m
spewing froth  hot air as molten rock  the volcano -j
ripping the fault  fire bubbles -w
yellowed paper young serious ideas -m
no one's perfect  the renga master saves face  in a mirror -j
no past  never seen again -w
machines to put me up for sale -m
copyright  a copy of the copy  copied -j
saving the original  our liquid brain -w
another no from a haiku warden -m
as radical as nature unpredictability within her form -m
pregnant  vowing not to marry -j
night with a tailor  changes the hem of a skirt -w
ah malescholarshit she nests as hercolor not mrs indigo -m
winging it alone  each path to wisdom -j
why so wild  light as a feather -w

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