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appreciate your comments on all. if you don't mind will share with 'the others.' don't believe we wrens had any 'other' consideration 'other' than to write to a group of rhymes. linking if possible but not required. i too see them as you suggested: a conversation. people often get interrupted and/or get tangential. the 'manother' ren-ku-ga is somewhat like that too. with more lines to move around in--sorta. maybe you miss the predetermined/predestination arrangement. which of course i don't. don't really know what 6 lines is supposed to do in japan or elsewhere. i think the writing comes first then the 'rulelessness.' --that made me giggle. i love it that you care enough to take the time and energy to respond. really do.


rhyme not the glue nor part of the form. the haiku don't rhyme. just an arbitrary choice of topics from which to play off.

i'd rather displease than please in art. but no aim to do either. 'no recipe' is frought with danger and fear in haikuland. and fought against as if it's some big deal.

i think lots of artists do/have done ok without either thereby creating their own forms. tho unfortunately what many do ends up as others' traditions. go figure. of course art is always eaten and spat out.

i just don't understand why there's such a need in haikuland to separate the mind from the senses. it's all the same. there's such brainwashing to wash the brain from haiku. sensation comes from the brain. a mind is a dangerous thing to deny. now if you're talking about junky stuff then that's still allowable as part of anybody's process. it's often the 'good' haiku that's an intellectualization. but we do intellectualize. and art is full of it. some is just more hidden. sometimes called meditation or one of the biggest of all intellectualizations: nothing special. i like nothing special and something special equally. they both come from the mind.

zen too is a colorization and probable trap. i truly like imperfection. and as i've said many times many ways there is no wholeness in patriarchy. we do our healing in whatever way/s we can. accepting one's self as a colorant of one's art seems like part of a healing process. esp after a trillion years.

i would be totally self-disillusioned if i became self-satisfied.

anger is one of many emotions of many many animals. an honest and necessary aspect of survival. it protects the lion cub and many other creatures. you and i probably have about the same amount of indignant anger about many of the same things. whether anger belongs in art has already been decided and done by the artists who've dared in the olden days. whether it belongs in haiku is a personal evaluation over one's life. art is sometimes universal but mostly particular. it's the responsibility of the one who creates it. the other responsibility is of the viewer/reader to consider the piece in as open a way as possible--if possible. if not then let it go and let the artist go.

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