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the connections

for some reason 'harold' has been about the hardest thing i've gotten myself into. yet i can see we could do the same with other books/authors. ueda, blyth [that could be fun], higg, synder et al. if we could find similar introductory passages. course i don't like to read about haiku but maybe as you're still checking out opinions you could find some challenge for us. you wanna?

heck we could get everyone's opinion and do our thing with their things.

still got the computer/money blues. i'm wasting time not doing what i was wasting time doing. something like that.


the connections 1) just something to do that's rather hard 2) a reminder in little haikuland that haiku is large if one wants to see it as large, open if one wants to see it as open, varied if, etc. non-definable except by each individual poem within the context/s of each individual poet. whatever that takes in. [if as harold says no 2 japanese agree on what haiku is i don't see why some westerns have to try so desperately--other than as a matter of control as in japan.]

including skirting and punning in one's interpretation of the 'topics.' eg 'back from the land with no haiku to show for it' as gay. is to me as i like to see my big land as unhaikuizable in principle. to leave as nature. in the little spots i live in/tamper with as the healing garden/little ponds anything can happen/not happen. in my 'perverse'/normal way of thinking i like to go past things/areas and say 'not a haiku' ' nope not one there' and grin.

>'high' maybe the worst
>offender. [dd]

or best as part of the overall spoof of haiku eg a dadaku of harold's seriousness. i'm serious and sarcastic about haiku in the same breath. a healthy place for me. perhaps attitude is also hard to define. 'worn out from emotions mid-day nap in spite of guilt' says one thing until the topic comes back in mind. then there's some confusion and maybe extra time is needed like with the 'science/nature.' other than it feels 'right' i have no idea why i write the way i do. on the whole tho i am 'a dis/agreeable' more than 'an agreeable.' [made that up just now--as nouns.]

snowed-in with the sun

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