marlene mountain
as is


cries from a publicly-humiliated evergreen in dc


nature talks back thing

it's a nature talks back thing. i don't like that trees are taken from the forests and decorated with gold stuff/lights etc for christmas at white house, rock center in nyc or wherever. the tree a female symbol from very ancient times. by 'biblical times' the 'shevinity' [goddess] symbol had been turned into 'poles' and 'baals' ['on every high hill' etc] and whatnot and despised. and into the tree of knowledge of good and evil. part of the transformation from matrilineal clans to patriarchal rule. the serpent also an ancient female/goddess symbol of regeneration but turned into a bad guy but was really a sign of life. then of course the romans used trees to hang people on to die--which somehow turned into holiday trees in capitalism. i usually dislike stuff on several levels.

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