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the point of these* [in or out of context tho written in sarcasm] is the hope no one will agree. i tried to put everything in and to leave everything out. the 'best' word/s is: poem/non-poem. to me haiku like all art is egoism & commentary & intellectual & passionate regardless of all the rhetoric past present future. in some it's just more obvious. at any rate i like the options of 'mood' or expression or whatever. i like seeing the blues in haiku as well as the cool and distant ie objective. definition at its best is temporary and even contemporary [i wish the ones in frogpond were so]. what the era allows. tho art usually comes from what is not allowed. rather than 'tradition' which is history often of another culture. eg european art history has no meaning to me except the very beginnings of art and a particular aspect of modern art ie modern space. and of course those wild and crazy dadaists. well i don't know what i've just said. but anyway i'm finally finding some peace within myself re what i 'create.' a long process but maybe a dangerous position for an artist to have. or for me to have. and tanka is 2 lines while haiku is 1. i'm so silly.

haiku definitions/non-definitions

a word or small gathering of words which
attempts to express an individual's
evolving consciousness of self, of others,
and of the universe. 5/20/88

a relatively short poem/non-poem expressible
if shared with others in a variety of visual
configurations if written and in a variety of tones if
spoken or sung which flows or is contrived in
response to what one sees, hears, touches, smells,
etc, and in particular to what one thinks and feels at a
given time within any aspect of one's personal
development. 8/26/98

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