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i believe the notion of the 5 senses has been 'very highly overly exaggerated' in haiku especially by the followers of the infamous blyth of which i'm not. if you remember he's the one who said women can't write haiku. and reinvented senryu. in my experience when any culture/religion/government/art/person says 'such and such' it should be looked at in the light or dark in which it was said. [this happens too few times.] especially since all aspects of society--even people--throughout the world are male-defined. if i point my 'bejeweled finger' especially my woman's finger [mind/feelings] at something that in itself is the crux of the haiku. it's just how i have to exist. other poets will have to decide about their fingers. [tho of course just because a finger isn't obvious in a comment/poem it's there.] it just seems that at the very core art is self-defined or it's something else. this is not about ego. the notion has survived these patriarchal generations and comes from the experiences of many enslaved artists. some gone mad. more importantly it comes from the very ancient genetic code which exists tho damaged some hundreds or thousands of years depending on when the fathers took over. if she/he/et al says 'i'm an artist' it means--in the best 'sense' and no matter what subtitle the art has--that she/he/et al creates self-defined art. something like that more or less.


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