marlene mountain
as is
march 2001



> > 3 long-looking one-lines:
> >
> > a whole moon in the morning sky in the valley just half of a half's enough
> >
> > home alone again i love the afternoon the night and tomorrow morning
> >
> > they'll be disappointed crows that caw to each other as i plant onions

i knew they were longish but on principle
don''t count anything or say them aloud. with no literary background
lots of effects don't enter my thoughts. lucky/unlucky as that may be.
don't really understand iambic, only recently heard of half-rhymes and

i picture 2 x 4' boards of varying lengths hung by wires in the
breeze representing one-lines. each board has little notches on the top
edge that represent the one-space between words. the boards are 'blank'
except for the imaginary notches. tho i don't 'fit' an actual haiku on
any of them i understand that the board fits the haiku. that's about
as close as i'm able to get to a literary device.

i appreciate your creative list of ways haiku can look and all. before
i fell deeply in love with one-line i wrote in all kinds of shapes and
patterns and wished we all did. but since the early '80s i haven't
budged from one-line. there're many possible variations within that
shaped non-shape or is it non-shaped shape.

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